Marina (progesterone) coil and Modafinil (Provigil)...ladies stuff...

Hi all.

After a year of heavy bleeding, I had a scan which showed large fibroids. My GP said that because I was near the menopause anyway (I'm 47), it was pointless having them removed as they may just grow back and in August I had a Marina coil put in to hopefully hold them at bay or shrink them.

It doesn't seem to have made any difference so far and when reading up about Modafinil there was a note saying that it could negate the effectiveness of contraceptives and I wondered if anyone else has had this problem?

I'm seeing my neuro in a few weeks and was thinking of raising the subject but the appointments always seem to be so rushed and there is a lot of other stuff I want to talk to him about too...

Many thanks,

Mags :-)




Hi mags

I'm on modafinil and haven't had any probs - but I don't have a mirena coil fitted, although I know several people who have one.

Are you on any dmd's - I know that sometimes ladies can experience probs witheir periods with some of them. If you have large fibroids too maybe this can make a difference?

Either way I'd definitely speak to your neuro about it - pop it to the top of your list. Or better still drop your nurse an email and ask her, that way it won't take up quite so much time at your next appt.

My other thought is whether it's worth reconsidering having the fibroids removed if they're that large & interupting your life so much, more so if the meds that you're on aren't contributing to the heavy bleeding? To my knowledge there's a test that your doc can do to check hormone levels - tell whether you're in the perimenopause etc.

Good luck

Debbie xx


Thanks Debbie. happy2

I haven't been diagnosed yet so I'm not on any DMDs & don't have a nurse...

I may ask the neuro if I can try Amantadine instead and give it a few months to see if it helps.

Going to call his secretary today to find out how long an appointment is supposed to be for as he always seems in such a hurry and I reel rushed.  Haven't seen him since June so I want to take my time this time.

Mags xx


Hi Mags,

When you call his secretary perhaps ask if your neuro could call you back to discuss changing your meds? Mine has been happy to do that before - and just sent the prescription direct to me at home and informed my GP by letter.

Good luck - will you let us know how you get on?

Debbie xx

Mmm..I shall have a word with him next week.  I did ask the secretary about it Debbie but she just said make a list for next week so I don't feel rushed. Appointments are only 10-15 minutes so it looks like I'd better be on the ball that day!

Thank you all so much for your replies.

Mags :-) xx