Tecfidera and contraception

Hello everyone,

haven’t been in on here for a while so hi to all :slight_smile: due to start tecfidera today after having a baby. Just read it interferes with the contraceptive pill. Does anyone know any more about this?

Anyone able to help?

Have you not been able to discuss this with someone from your medical team? Neuro, GP, MS nurse, Post natal health care nurse even? Sorry I can’t help but personally, I would rather a professional opinion. Bumping this back up anyway. :slight_smile:

Winds were dreadful on Friday so had internet but phone kept cutting off. Was trying to speak to Dr but phone line kept going then couldn’t get back through and so on.

I didn’t know it was going to be an issue until I read the pack, but reading the material on Tecfidera in pregnancy I don’t want to take any chances. Was hoping someone who was already on it might have some insight. I.e. Does it make pill ineffective? Does it apply to all hormonal forms of contraception etc?

thanks anyway :slight_smile: I appreciate your reply

Yes, it seems to be a bit of an issue doesn’t it? Just been looking at Google. I think it was more to do with the possible gastro problems and that interfering with it. Don’t know about implants… I think I’d err on the side of caution(!) until I’ve spoken with a professional. :wink: Good luck.

Hi ,

I am on Tecfidera too and although I haven’t had any severe gastric problems I think I would be anxious about relying on the pill , particularly when you start on Tec and are not sure what side-effects you may get.

Your MS nurse should be able to advise you more. Personally , I am very happy with the Mirena coil which I have had for 14 years in total. It is excellent contraception, only needs changing every 5 years and most users find that it greatly reduces the length of their periods. Sorry if this is TMI !


Thank you Sue. From the brief conversation with GP from what I could make out I think it’s something to do with liver function / absorbing the pill - I might have crossed wires here as I could barely make it out! Know nothing about the coil, so thank you, this is a good starting point.