Tecfideria and birth control

it is very likely I will be put on tecfideria so following a lot of threads on here at the moment. However just wanted to ask does this medication have an effect on birth control? I really hope not as I am limited to what I can go on! Xxx

I was told barrier methods blah…they dont know if it interacts with hormonal contraception…

I researched it a bit more and it says it’s connected with the gastro side effects more than anything as sickness/diarrhoea means the pill may not be as effective which does make sense as the leaflet says this about the pill anyway. However as the med can cause this I think this is why they may be more cautious. X thanks for replying x

I wish they knew… My neuro said they dont know if it interferes with hormones :frowning: let me know if you’re told differently.

Hopefully this may make my husband had for the snip… We don’t want anymore children and I’ve been hinting for ages as if I got pregnant by accident I would keep the baby…not the baby’s fault after all! I will try find out more xxxx

Go for that’s meant to say xxxxxxxxx