Tecfidera and contraceptive pill

Hi everyone,

I’ve been on Tecfidera for a three of months now. It’s going pretty well. Does anybody know if it has effects on the contraceptive pill? I’m thinking of starting a contraceptive pill but when I asked doctors/nurses about the interaction with Tecfidera they gave me confusing answers. Some said you can’t take the pill because you might get pregnant, some others told me it’s fine. So I don’t really know who to trust. Any personal experience?



Best go to a family planning clinic where they specialise in contraception,they can check pros and cons of contraceptive methods. and discuss your options Hope you get advice you need.Definately need to avoid pregnancy on this medication

Hi guys, Can anyone recommend some information on whether they know if it’s safe to come off completely the medication and have a baby. Also there is scary news that people get sick if they don’t go back in medication. My specialist nurse and consultant are contradicting each other so Ione is saying go on different medication throughout your pregnancy and other is saying come off completely. Anyone help?