Manometry and 24 hour PH test - what a day

Well having experienced swallowing issues, choking and the feeling that food was going down the wrong way (…… is there really such a thing) I have today been for testing.

Oh my goodness. A total nightmare from start to finish…

I got lost driving to the hospital… let’s throw in a diversion, that scuppered me. Lost, alone and going the wrong way.

Finally, collapsed into reception with 5 minutes to go before my appointment. A friendly volunteer, said clinical measurements ’ Climb on board (some sort of cart, with no horse) and catch your breath.

Not going to describe the procedure but needless to say I sit here with a tube up my nose, attached to a monitor.

After leaving the hospital, things didn’t get much better. A helping hand at the pay machine, turned out to be a man wanting a helping hand ‘have you change for a meal, sorry to ask’. At this point, I am highly stressed and hungry, with a tube catching the back of my throat. I asked if he was on benefits, ‘yes he said but they say I missed my last appointment, so they have suspended payment. I took my change from my £10 and said, there are better ways of helping, but today it is not me.

Selfish, I know but after what I had just been through. Now to get out the car park, who designs the exits, curved I couldn’t reach the machine to scan the ticket. I had to open the door …

Yes, I did get home but not without another diversion :woman_facepalming:t2:

Great rant Missus! :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a new day tomorrow! :blush:

And breathe, sounds utterly crappy but you did it :clap:

De ja vu. Day 2, a different route but now on route a police diversion, seriously :neutral_face: That’s ok I thought turn around and pick up the previous detour from yesterday, not that simple. In reverse I got my left and right mixed up and got lost.

Morale of this story, if you need a lift don’t ask me :rofl:

Just a little ps… I had to pull out the nasal tube myself.

Yeah I’d be the same if not worse, absolutely no sense of direction.
Ewww no I could not take my own nasal tube out :face_vomiting:
Glad you’ve managed it all and hope you have a better day today