First of all thanks for the replies.

Most are what I expected althought a couple have taken it as an opertunety to poke fun, well all I can say to them is shame on you.

I could have gone anon.

Good point that I had’nt thought of a femail will probably be gentler.

This question was based on genuine concernes and if you don’t ask or question nothing will change.

To those who seem to think that " manhood " and " size " are an issue, I can only say, its filled two prams


I am a woman so I can’t even guess how you’re feeling. All I can say is that I’ve only had a female doctor do my smear tests, which is the closest thing I can think of to equate it to.

I would be very nervous of having a male doctor do my smear tests or fit a coil.

It’s not a thing to make fun of and I think your concerns are understandable. I hope you get some input from a man who has had the procedure, whether it was by a male of female nurse. Could you see a (maybe a male) doctor and talk about your thoughts? I’m sure you aren’t the only person in your position, and that giving reassurance about the procedure is very common.

Take care,


Hi Ronin I replied to your other post and I really understand that you do have genuine concerns, not sure I can do anything to help but just want to say that I hope things go well for you. Cheryl:)


You are well within your rights to enquire about having a male nurse to attend you. But as someone has said a female nurse might be more gentle and understanding. l had to have an injection for my arthritic hip - which was done through the groin - whilst under xray - This was done by a male consultant - but there was a female radiologist attending. lt was a bit embarrassing -but for ladies who have had children - you get use to it.

l have found that they do try to keep your modesty in tact as much as is possible.

But l would like to add that your reservations are understandable Ronin.


I can only say I has a male Dr do my urodynamics test with a female nurse present. The whole situation was an ordeal, but I can’t see it would have been easier if it had been a female.

I would phone the department and ask, as this causing you distress. If of course the answer is no you may just have to do it.


I cannot see anything wrong with requiring (not requesting) a doctor or nurse of the same gender, if that is your preference. Get this information highlighted on your notes. We do live in a modern society.

How you feel is important - best wishes.



I agree with Moira. Although, 2 days ago - I had two nurses to repair my ‘catheter’ (it was ‘leaking’). It did go through my mind (because I was at home) but they were ‘very professional’ and the catheter was ‘fixed’ - thank, god! I didn’t really care who or what did it - I was glad of the outcome! I’ve got MS and it doesn’t ‘bother’ me what ‘gender’ I get care from - I’m just ‘glad’ of the ‘care’ but you should feel comfortable - that is what ‘care should be all about?’


Surprised to see the same old stereotypes being peddled by some posters – female nurses reckoned to be more gentle and caring than male nurses – they’re not.

It’s a very personal thing - I’ve never had an issue with the gender of medical staff attending to me, I view them as “non-gender” professionals, they are there to do a job, and as long as they are competent, their gender doesn’t bother me. But, it is a very personal thing, and that’s just my view.

Luisa x

Ronin, if your remarks were for me I apologise for upsetting you, that was most definately not my intention. as I do not go out of my way to upset people. I hope sincerely that if it was me, you’ll except my apology and hope you get your dilema sorted quickly.