Male nurse

Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits.

Sorry about that but we always said that, as kids, at the first of the month.

Anyway question at hand.

I attended urology yesterday.

The doctor has said that I will have to have a test for bladder function that involves a catheter being placed in your bladder and a prob to measure the pressure being placed were the sun don’t shine.

Now the question can I insist on a male nurse as the department is only staffed by femail nurses.

Well I can hear some of you already saying, don’t be soft just get on with it, there’s at lot worse things and these nurses are professionals

Well I’m sorry but to me , the option should be available.



I apprecaite it should be your choice but if one doesnt physically exist…

I used to work with a male midwife! He had 4 kids of his own-and was accepted by the women in labour. But if he had been a single man with no experience of being at a birth then perhaps that would have been different?

Not having a willy myself then I dont know how I would feel in your situation…

Having said that, gyny consultants are in the main male but they trained in sorting out our female bits…

Great question! I look forward to reading the responses that you get!

Ellie x

Hi Ronin.

Not to sure if you can do that.

The nurses have seen it all,so they ar not going to laugh at you,if that is what you are worried about.

Take all the help you are given be it male or female.

Just close your eyes and think of England.



Hi I must say I longed for a female doctor when I had my first child. Not long before giving birth a male doctor with the biggest hands I have ever seen gave me an internal exam. That was over 17 years ago and it still makes me wince when I think of it. Sometimes you have no choice! Teresa xx

Put it like this my hubby and dad pray for a woman when its a prostate check…size of fingers if you get my drift.

I appreciate your fears, but from a womans perspective we are more likely to be gentler than a man for fear of hurting you because of not knowing what it must be like… and they have to go through gynae stuff and can more readily empathise with how an intimate procedure makes you feel.

You are obviously having problems to need the procedure, so im afraid grin and bare it(if you pardon the pun) are the best way forward for treatment to make life as a whole more manageable.

Best of luck.


when i had this done it was female nurse,tbh,I never gave anything a 2nd thought,they were doing tests to try and help me,it is maybe just something you need to accept,

Hi Ronin , You can certainly ask but if there is no male nurse then you’ve probably no option, I’m afraid. You’ll probably not be the first person to wonder this so by all means ask. If it has to be a female nurse could you take a male friend with you so you have male company in the room for a bit of moral support. Cheryl:-)

Hi Robin,

Just remember what it was like for me.

Nurse explains what they are going to do and explains all about how to use one.

Then i had to do a pee,came back and was told to try again using a catheter,to see if there is any urine still; in your bladder.

At no time did she come with me.

So i think i am saying not to worry about it all.

Take Care.


I’m not sure if you can insist on having a male or female nurse/doctor for certain procedures.

When I visited a friend in prison I could request that the rub down search be carried out by a male prison officer.

I think full body searches on male prisoners are undertaken by male officers and female officers for female prisoners.

You could always ask but I recon a female nurse would take absolutely no notice and be a lot gentler than a man. As said before nurses have seen it all, so the question is, do you think your manhood would be in peril, no way. They don’t care big or little matters not. As the saying goes 'once you’ve seen one you’ve seen ‘em all’ In other words don’t worry about it.


P.S. Good luck.

First of all thanks for the replies.

Most are what I expected althought a couple have taken it as an opertunety to poke fun, well all I can say to them is shame on you.

I could have gone anon.

Good point that I had’nt thought of a femail will probably be gentler.

This question was based on genuine concernes and if you don’t ask or question nothing will change.

To those who seem to think that " manhood " and " size " are an issue, it does’nt bother me, after all its filled two prams

I had a female nurse for this procedure, when they had to show me how to use a catheter - she was very good, think i probably prefered a woman rather than a man to be honest…

At my local hospital it is a male nurse who does all the urodynamics testing… and he’s very good. I didn’t think twice about as all the gynae’s and neuro’s I have seen have been men.

Hi, please read your first post again.


I love the bit about it filling 2 prams.Fab!

luv POllx