Self catheterisation????


i was refered to the continence clinic, where they are all lovely nurses and doctors

however they’ve prescribed me self-catheterisation tubes, and I have to go to the clinic

next week where the nurses are going to show me how to use them, I’ll have to get naked loll

i feel really awkward, I used to do a bit of modelling but never in that area loll

please can anyone let me know if you’ve had this or currently do this? Is it sore?

would appreciate any replies thankssss xxx

Hi Carlos,

I’ve had this done to me a number of times, in hospital. With male and female nurse’s, it takes hardly any time to do.

It’s a small/minute tube which is quite soft and fexiable, does not cause you any pain.

The only discomfort is the situation, and cold hands !! like anything the more you do it the easy it gets.

Regards, Andy

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Hello Carlos2601

I have catheterised quite a few males, when I was nursing. I understand you feeling worried about it but please try not to get too stressed. Nurses are used to doing this procedure, it will be just fine…I never had any complaints



surely you dont need to be naked to be shown how to self cath?

for women its like a smear test, just naked enough to allow access!

carole x

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Missed the naked bit lol…definitely not.


I’ve been doing it for years now. Unsurprisingly, I was dreading having to do it - the idea of inserting something up there was not a nice one! So I was massively relieved to discover that I barely felt a thing - it surprised me just how little I felt. There’s the odd sensation of course, but nothing uncomfortable, and you quickly get used to it.

Good luck : )


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I’ve been self catheterising for three years now. It doesn’t hurt at all especially if you try and relax.

I wouldn’t be happy about the naked bit. Just let them see what they need to get at (if you know what I mean). Try not to worry. You will be fine and remember we are here if you need any advice.

Shazzie x

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I had it done with 2 nurses but they were very good and I just had to drop my pants, not get naked …LOL… Thankfully my bladder has been emptying pretty well and I haven’t had to use them lately but would if I had to - just cough to let it past your prostrate…

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Thank you all so much for your replies :slight_smile:

you’ve made me feel loads calmer now so thanks everyone :slight_smile:

ah glad I’m not getting naked then haha I’ll let you all know how I get on with it

got to be better than needing a wee all the time when I’m out and having accidents

thanks again x

It works well. If I am going out to watch a long film or off for a long car journey then I self catheterise and can go for hours while lots of others are up and down to the loo. Try and turn it into a positive.

Shazzie x


I have been using self catheters for 2 or 3 years now if I went out the first thing I used to do was find out where the toilets are thankfully this is no longer the case

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