catheter feeling scared

Hi All Been to bladder and bowel clinic today - having started using qufora a couple of months ago which has been a huge success and had a positive impact on my laugh. The decision today is yo start intermittent catheterisation this has really freaked me out today and seems so much more scarey than the qufora. Can you tell me how the catheterisation works? My mind went completely blank in the appointment to ask, how long it takes to do? I know you probably can’t answer this one - if I start using catheterisation is it something I will always do? I feel so rubbish about this at 34 and having to even think about this I couldn’t work after this appointment as just so fed up and this heat is driving me crazy. Thanks in advance Barney

all i can say is its a bit scary when your told to use them but it has completley changed my life. 3 times a day now and all is good. trust me youll feel way better when you get over he initial shock.



i know its scary at first but im doing it 3 times a day now and it has changed my life.

hang on in there and youll soon see its not as bad as you think…can even go to cinema now and watch the hole film

Hey Barney,

Just from your name I’m going to presume you’re male (if not, I’m sorry). But if so, then you may well be able to self catheterise. You’ll just insert a tube via your urethra into your bladder to empty it (with the aid of KY jelly of course) and then remove it. This ensures the bladder empties completely. It can be done just in a normal toilet cubicle, no-one will every know. And once you know what you’re doing, it shouldn’t take too much longer than just going to the toilet ordinarily.

I don’t know about women, but we can probably self catheterise too.

Hope this helps,

Tc, Forest x

YEp best thing ever I rember all the wet pants I am now permenatly catheterised but was self cath for several years I also had conveen sheaths stick on sheath atached to a leg bag, Now got supra pubic catheter made my life change so much. Its a common problem not worth all the worry it causes I rember I was petrified and it is so so simple

Hello Barney

I’m pretty sure once your equipment arrives, the nurse will be coming to your home to go through everything with you. That’s usually the way it works, according to what others on here have said.

Ring the department tomorrow if it will help put your mind at rest. You will probably find this much easier to do then the qufora. It will all work out just fine and you will soon feel the benefits.

It is awful for you to be going through this at 34, you are a similar age to my daughter. Wish I had a magic wand, I feel upset for you.

Take care x

Thanks everyone - I am a female but totally understand the assumption. The qufora has changed my life so much for the better and suspect this will too. The nurse is going to come to the house, I get on really well with her. Just was such a shock yesterday, still is today but do feel a bit more like being able to function. Knew you people would be able to provide the emotional support this forum has helped me so much in the last 15 months. Barney


I must admit to having a dislike of catheters and refused for a long time before I used them.

It just happened that one of my close friends was one of the incontinence team and she came and left me some catheters and a DVD showing how to use them.

It was months after ( and I’m not recomending this but I had had a splif ) I summond up the courage and had a go.

It is quite easy.

Wash your bits ( cleanliness is paramont ) and insert the catheter in to your urethra (penis) and wait untill your empty and slowly withdraw the catheter letting all the urine out.

Thats a simplified version I’m sure the nurse will tell you the prosedure.

I must admit I still hate them but it has to be done.

Not the best of encouragement but steel yourself and have a go.


Hi Barney

I have been self catheterising for a couple of years now, 3 times a day and it has really helped.

The way I found where to put the catheter was to feel where the water was coming from when I was going (sorry if that sounds a bit yuk but at least you will then know where to insert the catheter.

Make sure you are sat on the loo when you insert the catheter and you will be fine.

PM me if you need any more info.

Shazzie x

I’ve done it a few times but hate it to be honest, definitely a great relief for some folk, mind you…

Hi Barney I completely understand how you feel! When I was told that I needed to ISC I was really fed up. I felt that it was a sign (yet another one!) that my MS was getting worse, I try to ignore the fact and something like this feels like slap in the face that make it impossible to ignore .I was terrified by the thought of it and had to talk myself into the idea that it would benefit me. I wasn’t helped by the fact that, because I wanted to be shown how to catherterise at the clinic, I was sent two appointments for the wrong clinic and I had prepared my self, mentaly and emotionally, twice without it coming to anything. It was almost a year before the dreaded day finally arrived! I had read all the bumf that the nurse had given me, and lots more that I found on the internet (not recommended!) and felt as prepared as I could be. I was so surprised at how easy it was, I know that for some it takes a little longer to get the hang of it but for me it was so easy. For the first few times I was left with a slightly cystitisy sort of discomfort forabout 10mins afterwards but now iI don’t even get that. I only have to self catherterise once a day, which I try to do just before I go to sleep and it greatly reduced how many times I have to get out at night :slight_smile: I use Logic and the have a very informative web site which explains it all, there is a video but I can’t remember what it’s like but I seem to remember it was helpful. ISC is something that none of what to do but just see it as another one of those things that helps us lead as normal a life as we can :slight_smile: Hopefuly you will soon see the benifits of it and find that it’s not as scary as you fist thought! Sending you hugs x

Barney, The men have it a lot easier - as they can find the right ‘spot’ - no trouble. Harder for the girls - but a tip l heard on here is to put a tampon in the vagina - then you will not get in a muddle. Practice does make perfect. And a mirror is helpful.

Thanks for the tips - I think it is finding the correct place to insert - had a call from nurse today it is going to be August when she comes. Gives me time to fully process the idea in my head.

Sending you best wishes and good luck for the new system.

All new systems in personal care are scary, till we get use the `em.

I went through the what I thought would be an ordeal, last July. I was suffering with wetting accidents, through urgency and retention.

I thought long and hard before deciding to have the op for a supra pubic catheter. After initial settling in time, the odd flood happening, I love the freedom and security it gives me. The 6 weekly changes, done by district nurses, are without problem, except for a few tiny ,ooos and aaaaas!

Good luck hun.


Thanks Poll

Barney you will be fine I was dead set against it and had a nurse come to show me. I knew her via church! But all went fine and after initial embarrassment it was best thing ever. I was urethral catheter for couple of years but got lots of infections and now got supra pubic and makes me smile because it’s one less thing to worry about. You will be fine don’t worry. Hugs Don

Barney, I must agree with the others, 1st time I tried it on my own, nurse just told me how it worked and sent me home to practic? Thought I was going to pass out, it’s all in the head, like most things overcome your fear, I now sit on a stool in front of you loo, get comfortable lean back, the relief overcomes the fear, could stand and do it if I could stand for long enough, didn’t think I could wear contact lenses once, easy now, (mind over matter)

The thought of doing it is 100 times worse than actually doing it before I started using self catheterising the first thing I did when I went somewhere was check out where the toilets were. now if i catheterise my self I have no toilet worries, I can only speak from a male point of view