success with bladder


i have been seeing a nurse at the bladder and bowel clinic about my overactive bladder

she taught me how to self catherise, at first i was horrified but its easy and has fitted into my morning routine.

she also offered me some tablets and i groaned because i get muddled with the number of pills i take.

so she gave me patches. i started on them nearly 2 months ago.

yesterday i went with a friend to her grand daughters dance show and never did my usual scan for the nearest toilet.

i was out for 6 hours without that awful “find me a loo!” and worrying about having an accident.

so all you people with overactive bladders, there is help out there!!!

i’m so proud of myself - like a toddler showing off his potty!

carole x

Good news Carole, Thank you for posting this, it is reassuring for me as my bladder is starting to become a problem. Sam x


Good news!!

I was so scared and shocked at being told i have to use a catheter at the age of 27. I did find treating it as one of them “life skills” we have to learn from time to time, did help with the shock.

But now my bladder has been fully empty, my brain has started to empty it fully again. Meaning i don’t have to use them that often now.

Hi Carole glad you’ve found some relief from your bladder problems. My bladder retains water and I’ve been offered to be taught how to self catheterise a number of times but I just can’t get my head round it. I’m too scared to try it and it just seems so daunting. The actual catheter felt rough and the thought of inserting that somewhere so delicate sounds horrific! Maybe i just sound like a pathetic wimp! X

So you should be proud Carole - so glad you have been successful and your post will help others. l have had a SPC for 18yrs now, and it has become a part of everyday life. l hated the side-effects of oxybutinin etc - and never mastered the self cath - and l know that the latest ones are much easier to use. lf you can do it yourself then you would be a good candidate for botox.

Well done


ps don’t forget ldn helps bladder control

Well done Carole, I have been self catheterising for several months and at last I can get a reasonable nights sleep and no uti’s !! Karen x

Hi Carole, great to hear you have been successful. Mini78 keep persevering you will be successful and wonder why you worried. It becomes as easy as putting in earrings and you don’t even think about it. It really will make a difference. I self catheterised for seven years but had to give up because I now have problems with gripping. I have had a supra-pubic catheter fitted last Friday so feeling a bit sore and overwhelmed at the moment. Anne x.

Thanks for your advice Anne. I think you are all very brave x

Hi Carole You should give yourself a pat on the back. It will become easier the more you do it. Like Anne, I have just had a suprapubic catheter fitted after 10 years of self catheterising, which changed my life. I hope the SPC will be as good once things have settled down. Linda x

Hi Carole, Well done you!! It makes such a difference to feel in control doesn’t it? It’s so important for us to know that there alternatives out there. Sara x

yes i forgot to say the name of the patches Kentera patches are great!

thanks everyone for your replies

carole x