overactive bladder

just want to say “don’t despair if you are constantly running to the loo or looking for the nearest loo”

because the bladder and bowel clinic which advertises on national tv are great.

you can self refer.

the nurses who staff this place are fab

i’ve been taught to self catheterise and this gives me confidence for a coupleof hours afterwards

i’ve also been put on kentera patches which are really working!!

took a couple of months to kick in but i can now go for a night out without anxiously nipping to the loo every 10 minutes

and i can sleep for 6 hours!!

so happy!!!

carole x

So glad that things on the bladder front are working out so well now Carole! Teresa xx

Hi, lovely to know your bladder isnt ruling your life.

Mine and my bowels are in charge at the mo`.

luv Pollx

Hello Carole

Its a life changer. When I started doin ISC, I could relax, I was no longer scanning for the nearest loo, one less thing to stress about.

Self catheterising is up there as one of the best things that happened to me.