Self catheterisation?

I’ve suffered for years with stress incontinence, I’m not talking about a few drips of pee here I’m talking 100 ml plus up to 100 times a day or night.

I’ve currently got bronchitis, and this morning I woke up was reaching the handle of the loo started coughing and the pee shot over the top of my towels and dribbled down my legs I went straight into the shower there was no point in using the toilet. I was wearing an 18inch insert pad plus 2 Attends soft 4s laying longways.

I’m using Tena wash cream and nappy rash ointment but I’m still perpetually sore.

I’m worrying about going out as my towels can’t be relied on.

Is it worth taking too my doctor about self catheterisation?

It is something worth considering. It totally changed my life for the better. To go down this path I had an appointment with a continence nurse. You could probably self refer - phone you local hospital and ask for the continence nurses. I remember having a bladder scan - totally painless - went to loo and then they scanned my bladder to find out I still had over 100mls in my bladder despite just having been to the loo.
I then had a practice with a catheter ISC - intermittent self catheterisation - I am a girl and yes it was very tricky to start off with. But now over 10years later it is really easy. The catheters are delivered by different companies - some can offer you hand gel and disposal bags for the catheters.

For me I can’t pee without the catheters. I therefore have some in my handbag, in my car and at work.

Hope this,helps


Min xx

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Of course there’s more to the story, I saw a continence nurse about 5 years ago after waiting about 4 months, she said that my incontinence was my own fault! I’m over weight and have no muscle control (no Sh1t) and insisted I double void to empty the pockets in my bladder, I did this for a while and I did get is some improvement but this is no use during a bout of bronchitis, so I’m no better off now than I was then

Hi anon

Sorry about the accidents, I know how frustrating they can. I agree with Min - I think self catheterisation would help. When I started it mafe life so much better, knowing I’d not need the loo again for a few hours. If you’re a bloke, you can also get sheaths (bit like a condom) which attach to a bag strapped round your leg, or a larger bag to use at night.


Honestly I was where you are a couple years ago. I started self catheterisation and it has completely changed my life. I know now that if I need to go out I can empty my bladder and a won’t need to go toilet for another hour. It just gives me a lot more control over my life and I have a lot less accidents.

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Also before I started ISC my MS nurse taught me a trick - once you’ve been, stand up and sit down again on the toilet and more will come out. I also find pressing my bladder can get more out

Hello…oh this was also a huge problem for me…especially when I lost all mobility. I was needing to wee hourly and was always having accidents. Very soul destroying it was. I couldn’t manage ISC cos I have a bug tum! I`ve had a supra pubic catheter for around 7 years and it is such a help. Might be a bit drastic for you but if it ever comes to it, I can recommend it.

I agree Boudica, it is drastic. But I was thinking about other alternatives. I’m spending bank loads on towels trying to find the right one for me, someone suggested a kegel8 execeriser but they’re a bit pricey to buy one on a punt, at least towels that aren’t quite right can still be used by adding boosters or doubling up, but a useless gadget would just be a terrible waste.

Anon - I am outraged for you - seriously your fault because you are overweight that is outrageous!!! How dare they say that. I never did the recommended pelvic floor exercises coz I’m too lazy. Didn’t stop me getting the necessary treatment. I would try to see a different nurse and get the treatment you require. Double void ??? Did they ever do a bladder scan on you?

Min xx

Yes I had a bladder scan and an internal vaginal exam, and was told my bladder had “pockets”

i had to ask how to double void she said after a wee to stand up, bend forward then back and sit down again and some trapped pee would release itself.

their very careful with the language used and let you interpret what they say so “we discussed the effect of obesity” tells you if you fall into the obese category… how would anyone interpret that!

Hey Anon - bladder pockets - sounds like it’s in the shape of a flower or something.

The way I see it - after you wee they then bladder scan and if there is still 100mls of wee still in your bladder then ISC is the way to go. How much was left in your bladder before and after double voiding

Or are they saying your wee is trapped in your bladder pockets? Will ISC not drain it out. I saw so many people about my bladder problems and was never advised about double voiding.

Yes agree very careful with the language and open to interpretation. “We discussed the effect of obesity”. I think this is a load of !!!¥¥$$€€. But still very frustrating for you.

So I hope you get some relief/answers or whatever you need I really feel for you.


Min xx

I’ll dig out the report from the continence nurse and remind myself what she said.