I’m now fitted with one because I was going to the toilet every 2 hours (even at night). It’s awkward to get used to after 55 years and can be very uncomfortable at times. It is ‘annoying’ and can be a ‘pain’ (although the benefit of not having to go to the ‘loo’ all the time is a positive point). Anybody got any tips, please :?: :frowning: Marcus. (my bl**dy initials are M.S. which I’ve ‘had’ for over 12 years - although when I phoned the MS helpline, I was told by the woman who answered the phone that she had her’s for over 40 years :!: )

Thanks for your reply, Joanne. I feel considerably less lonely and isolated now. I have not had any mention of self catheterising yet but I still have to return to the hospital (on 5th October). Yours truly, Marcus. x.

I self cathetrise and have done for 5 years, to begin with i had a catheter in all the time , but self ones are much better x

Hi, I self catheter all the time now…only at night and if going out to cinema or something. I was a bit iffy to start with but once done it is a huge relief to know your ok for a few hours. I was put straight onto using speedy caths which are small telescopic one use things and are easy to use and dispose of. Hope you get sorted . Graham

Hello all, Thankfully I haven’t needed to use a catheter as yet… I am a nurse and have worked with patients who use them. Self catheterising is used when your bladder cannot empty itself, and permanent catheter is usually used when the bladder is leaking or totally incontinent. hope this might be of some help. Millie x