Don't think I can do ISC!

I saw the nurse last week who advised me to consider ISC. She ordered a box of catheter samples for me which arrived on Friday. I want to do it if it means getting some of my life back on track, but the thought makes me feel really queasy and faint. I haven’t had the courage to look inside the boxes yet. Does everyone feel like this at first? I’m not sure I’m brave enough for this.

Hello. Never done ISC. I have as a nurse catheterised people though. Give it a try, you never know you might surprise yourself. Think about the positives…once you’ve done it a few times you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about. Good luck, Noreen

I know when ISC was first mentioned to me it sounded scary & I did my best to ignore it. However, eventually I couldn’t resist any longer and had to use it. When I did, inevitably I wish I’d started sooner. One of the things that surprised me was how little I felt. I naturally assumed it would hurt a bit, but it was completely painless. I feel should point something out though, which hopefully won’t worry you. The first couple of times I did it there was a tiny bit of blood in the end of the catheter when I took it out. Naturally I freaked out a bit at this, but when I told the nurse she said it was competely normal to get that at first, and it wouldn’t last. And it didn’t.I hope that doesn’t scare you; I just know from my experience I wish I ha dknown first that might happen. But now though, it’s a real blessing, knowing I won’t need the loo for several hours, and helping to cut down the risk of infection.

Good luck!


Thanks for your reply Blossom. I’m just afraid it might hurt too much ; but I was worried about injecting myself too and I’ve managed that so far. Tomorrow I’ll take a look in the box and perhaps when I’ve seen them it will seem more manageable. I see that you’re only recently diagnosed so I hope you are ok. I know It can be a big shock even when you’re expecting it. : )

Thanks Dan. The nurse is coming out to my home on Thursday to show me how to do it. I know my quality of life will improve if I can get to grips with this, just to be able to go out knowing I’ve emptied my bladder. I’m glad you said it doesn’t hurt! : )

hi i started self cathing last year.

it took a long time for me to find the right hole

then i started to have postural hypotension and couldnt bend my head to look.

i now use the bags which you can order from supplier of caths.

it doesnt hurt one bit, although i know people who have found it painful when im hospital.

i also have kentera patches for my overactive bladder (because i’m rubbish at remembering to take tablets)

good luck

carole x

No need to bend your neck Carole, just get yourself a good magnifying mirror :slight_smile:

Yes, the main problem for women is finding the right hole. lts a lot easier for men - no contortionist manoevres - A magnifying mirror is a must. Like most things - once you have done it a few times you will soon become an expert.

There has been a good deal of improvement in catheter design - and the newer ones are supposed to be easier. So do try different ones.

Best of luck - as it will make a difference to your life-style.

If you have issues finding the correct opening put a tampon in place and that only leaves the one you want.


Hi, I hope you do manage to get the hang if ISC. It will defo make a difference to your life…a good one!

I have a suprapubic catheter and have got used to it now, so anything that improves our difficult lives is worth a shot, eh?

Good luck. If a nurse shows you, you`ll be fine.


Men certainly have an advantage - lts there looking them in the eye - or down at there boots. l do feel ‘empowered’ having my SPC- as now l can pee standing up. And l leave the seat UP!!! - AND l can certainly aim better then any man. How is it - something they are born with - they still can’t hit the spot - without splashing the floor.

Thank you. I’ve had a look ‘down there’ and opened one of the sample catheters and I can see now that it is possible! I’m quite looking forward to it in a way now, I know it will make such a difference to my lifestyle. Thank you all for your re assurance (and humour). : )

Hi Was a bit tricky at first. Always painless. But now it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy. Don’t even have to look. Good advice about the tampon. I tried that as it blocks off the easiest hole - eeeurrrck. Be brave and good luck. It will be worth it. It totally changed my life for the better. Hugs Min xx

Hi there, A continence nurse visited me and showed me how to self-cath. She was fabulous and I found it quite simple. This changed my life - I am happy to have done it. When you get used to it, you’ll be glad you did it. Good luck! Teresa xx


The first time i was told i had to self cath i was gutted at the age of 27 and having to do this for the rest of my life. But it does become part of your day. I don’t even think about it now, much like injecting it becomes second nature.

I know its easy for us men on the finding the right hole and seeing what we are doing, but we have an urinary tract about 30 inch’s long!!

Best of luck


I have been using catheters for the past eleven years, felt like you to begin with but feel more confident now about going out. Take the plunge.

Well thank you all so much for your support. The nurse came out to me on Thursday and hey presto, no problem! I had watched the DVD beforehand and checked myself out as well as opened a couple of the sample catheters, so I was pretty well prepared. No pain at all, just relief! I feel I’m back in control : )

Congrats. Keep up the good fight.

Great news - glad it went so well. I agree it gives you control back and stops your life revolving round your bladder! Teresa xx

Excellent news!! Pleased you’ve found it so easy…your obviously a natural. Onwards and upwards, Noreen