One for the men or if any ladys can help

Hi everyone I hope your all keeping well

I have a bit of a worry and was looking for some advice It’s a problem with my what’s its.

A couple of weeks ago I had a pain and swelling in one of my testicals It felt like a lump and the pain went right from there up into my belly and around my back I went to my GP I was worried sick I had a urine sample which he had checked and it turn out it was a urine infection I was put on a course of antibiotics I finished them on Wednesday the pain and swelling has gone but I still have a lump on my testical its not sore but Its a lump and one you wouldn’t miss.

I’m starting to worry my GP told my if its a lump that hurts its not so bad but if its one that doesn’t (which I have now) thats more to think about I have an appointment on Thursday with my GP for something else would it do till then or would I need to see about it sooner I had my urine sent of to the lab when I finished the antibiotics to check it was clear now and it was.

I’m trying to keep myself busy and not think about it but when I’m sitting here I try not to worry but I do :frowning:


I’m a gal, I’m afraid, so it’s not really my area of expertise, but I would have thought, even if it was anything sinister (which it’s hopefully not), a few days wouldn’t make any difference.

Realistically, if your doc did think it was anything suspicious, you’re not going to be admitted for tests or a biopsy on Christmas Day or Boxing Day, are you? Even if you could somehow see the doctor tonight or tomorrow morning, nothing’s going to get done about it 'til next week, now, is it?

I think the only advantage of trying to get in tomorrow (assuming they’re even open) is the doctor might be able to offer some reassurance, so you wouldn’t be so worried over Christmas.

But if they shared your concern, and thought it did merit further investigation, I can’t see them being able to organise it on the spot.

Even so called “urgent” investigations usually have a waiting list.

If you had collapsed clutching your chest, I think you’d be in straight away, but I don’t think they’ll do an emergency admission for an unexplained lump.

I definitely think it does need mentioning to the doctor when you go, but it doesn’t sound like a case for A&E - I think they would just tell you to go to the doctor next week - which is what you plan on doing anyway!


Sorry I can;t empathise - I am female - but I can see how worried you are and had to reply. The chances are this is nothing sinister however you need to go back to your GP after the holidays – guidance to GPs says they should refer any testicular mass to a hospital to rule out treatable causes. These will include the unmentionable thing you are worrying about - however you know that the chances are there is another explanation. NHS services respond much more promptly these days than the press would have us beleive - I know as I work in the NHS - and you can expect to be seen within two weeks. IN any case UTIs are less common in men (the route to the bladder is longer for bugs to take for you) and you may benefit from specialist advice on the infection.

GO back to your GP if things have not changed by next week - however a few days will not make any difference and you will be seen promptly after Christmas - rest assured of that,

Thanks for the replies you’ve put my mind at ease I’ll still get it check but at least I can enjoy tomorrow.

Rapunzel my lump is smooth and the size of a butter bean if that makes sense thanks for your info but I’ll not leave it to chance I’ll get it checked out next week xx

Hi, I wonder if this might help;

about 4 years ago, my hubby said he had found a lump in that region.

He saw the GP immediately and he said he felt it was a tube narrowing and sticking together, as we do not have an active sex life.

he didn`t see the need for further investigation and hubby has forgotten all about it.

luv Pollx

Thanks Poll,

I’ll try not to think about it till I see the doctor on Thursday.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you and yours