Major flop

Last night, my body went floppity flop flop flop.

How queer!

Fortunately, I recognised the creeping onset of the evil spikes and acted accordingly.

Serves me right for trying to be normal. What is normal?

At least I didn’t beach myself on the floor despite showering with a slippery seat and floor.

The OT cavalry’ll be along real soon. (Spoken like John Wayne.)

Think before you move. You never know when the beast is lurking behind you, ready to trip you up with a shepherd’s crook.

Steve. Enjoying his new kitchen.

It just goes on and on Steve, doesn’t it? The ground disappearing from beneath your feet?! I did a spectacular show myself two weeks ago. Worthy of a Norman Wisdom sketch. I still have the bruises to show for it. Glad you’re pleased with the new kitchen. Looking forward to seeing more of your recipes. Have you got your new wheelchair yet? Excited for you! x

Hi Steve

Yes, Ms is so unpredictable and always seems to be the winner, no matter how hard we try.

I tried being normal just for once on Saturday and went to the football, well you would now think I had climbed Everest and on Saturday evening I could not even string a sentence together! I still get very frustrated by this, there is always a consequence for trying to do just one extra thing to normal.

Glad your kitchen is up and running, that’s one thing that can be ticked off your list. Hope today is better for you.

Pam xx