magnetic bracelets

Hi all I was just curious. Do any of you wear magnetic bracelets or similar items? On Sunday I purchased a bioflow bracelet and my ankle pain has significantly reduced. I was at my fatigue group yesturday and one of the girls there swears by hers. What are your experiences? Xx


i wore one for several months when trying to reduce my amitriptyline-no longer take the medicine. have still got bracelet but now wear a hematite one cos circulation probs a bigger issue than pain for me currently.

i like to explore basic/natural methods before medication (under supervision of gp but i know everyone is not as lucky!)


I have a magnetic bracelet but I’ve given up wearing it as it makes no difference at all to the tingling in my hands. When I first got it, I had aches and pains and it did help them somewhat, but the tingling isn’t affected.