Magnesium & Tinnitus

Hi gang, hope everyone’s doing ok. I started taking Magnesium a couple of weeks ago in hope of helping legs a bit. Well to be honest I’ve noticed no difference in legs… BUT for the past few days I’ve noticed a definite reduction in MS related tinnitus!! Started with my hearing feeling strange… bit like I had cotton wool in them… and then - coincidently I think - I got a very painful hip. Normally when I get any bad MS symptom like pain the tinnitus goes through the roof… but this time a marked reduction in screeching noise! I googled ‘Magnesium and Tinnitus’ this morning… just on the off chance… and sure enough lots of links saying that it helps and lots of research going into it. SO - because I didn’t realise that Magnesium could help… it obviously is NOT a placebo effect. I’m taking Holland & Barrett 250 mg daily. I find the pills too hard to swallow so cut them in half with pill cutter bought at chemist. I’ll post on EL as well as hopefully can help others with tinnitus. Pat xx

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Hi Pat

What a stroke of luck, I cant imagine what it must be like with tinnitus, glad you have found something that helps. Even if it does nowt for your legs, worth taking it for the tinnitus.

Hope your hip pain is better, and good luck for Wednesday, lets hope you get more than the obligatory 5 minutes and see you next year attitude.

Pam x

Nice to see you got a result, even if it wasn’t the one expected. It might be worth increasing the dose to see if that does anything to help ease spasm. Not sure how the price works out, but I use 375mg from Healthspan at £7.95 for ninety tablets.

Thanks Pam…I expect I’ll get the usual 5 minutes…I only bother to go to get evidence for benefits! Whammel I paid about £20 for 200 pills of 250 mg. So yours are cheaper and higher dose. I’m hoping the few days of extremely painful hip wasn’t down to the magnesium. It felt very like the MS pain I get in wrists. Can’t tell you how happy I am about tinnitus. Not gone but LOADS better. Pat xx

Nice one Pat a small bonus, is still a bonus!

When I told my MS nurse that I take magnesium, she straight away said ‘I love magnesium’ so it’s obviously one that people seem to rely on and feel the benefits from. I’m going to look out for the spray and I’m on tesco ones at the moment.

Sonia x

Pat, That’s the most amazing news…long may it last!! Good luck for Wednesday …I wish you could all have my neuro…whatever time you need you get…mind you …there is always an awful long wait for him but he’s great and well worth it. Pam, do you not go to Gloucester Royal like me? Sonia, very pleased with the spray, don’t have the link but it’s called Better for You magnesium oil spray and I get it from Amazon. Hope everyone is doing as well as possible. Nina xx

Yay Pat! Great news! I hope this continues to help you! Teresa xx

Very sorry to report that I woke up with full-on tinnitus this morning. Maybe just a blip. Hope so. Pat xx

Oh no Pat, fingers crossed that it is just a blip.

Nina, I only go to Glos Royal for the ms nurse, between the neuro and me, as there was nothing to offer, I decided it wasnt worth going. He did say that if I wanted an appointment anytime just to ring, but that was years ago.

I am really lucky having a fantastic GP and MS Nurse, and between them they give me good support.

Pam x

I did stop the Magnesium for couple of days over weekend as thought it might be that causing pain in hip… so possibly the tinnitus has come back and will go again… hope so. Also for several days I was taking 1 ibuprofin and 1 paracetamol 3 times a day for pain… maybe that’s why tinnitus improved??? Oh it’s so frustrating… something made it a lot better… but what?? The reminder of what it’s like NOT to have screeching in ears was so blissful that now it seems worse than ever to have it back. I had forgotten what quiet was like. Hey ho… got a Cadbuy’s chocolate egg calling my name… we have to take comfort where we can! Lots of love all, Pat xx

Yah way to go Pat I used to take Magnesium and stopped maybe I should have another go

sorry to hear that the tinnitus is back pat,i know what you mean about being reminded.what it was like not to have it,i feel like that with the MS i get a few good days,every so often,but all the good days do,is remind me what i am missing out on, the rest of the time.maybe it was the magnesium though,if you didnt take any for a few days over the weekend.

J x

Great news… Been taking the magnesium every day for last few days (after stopping for a few days as I wasn’t sure if it had caused pain in hip) and the volume and pitch have dropped right down again! It’s not gone but this I can live with! Haven’t even go radio on to mask it! Silence is golden… Pat xxx

Brilliant Pat, long may it continue.

No sun today, really foggy and cold, just to remind us it is still March, even though yesterday was lovely.

Pam x

All extremities very firmly crossed for you Pat! Foggy here first thing but the sun is shining beautifully now. Nina xx