Magnesium & Tinnitus

I posted this on PPMS board… but thought it might help anyone on here with MS related or tinnitus: I started taking Magnesium a couple of weeks ago in hope of helping legs a bit. Well to be honest I’ve noticed no difference in legs… BUT for the past few days I’ve noticed a definite reduction in MS related tinnitus!! Started with my hearing feeling strange… bit like I had cotton wool in them… and then - coincidently I think - I got a very painful hip. Normally when I get any bad MS symptom like pain the tinnitus goes through the roof… but this time a marked reduction in screeching noise! I googled ‘Magnesium and Tinnitus’ this morning… just on the off chance… and sure enough lots of links saying that it helps and lots of research going into it. SO - because I didn’t realise that Magnesium could help… it obviously is NOT a placebo effect. I’m taking Holland & Barrett 250 mg daily. I find the pills too hard to swallow so cut them in half with pill cutter bought at chemist. Pat xx

Thanks Pat.

I have just recently run out of magnesium - though not permanently; I will get some soon. But it will be interesting to see whether anything changes during the few days I’m unable to take it.



i bought some milk of magnesia for when i’m constipated.

i use magnesium oil for leg cramps.

have multi vit/mineral tabs which have magnesium in them.

its definitely one supplement that i wouldnt be without.

carole x