Magnetic bracelets

Has anyone tried magnetic bracelets? Do they help with the pain and numbness?

Yes (tried), and no (they don’t).

Absolutely no difference for me, anyway. That I got one attractive enough to wear anyway, and not obviously medicinal, is the only thing it’s got going for it.

I must say, I bought mine before I was diagnosed, when already having aches and pains, but no idea they were MS. Never actually tried it for numbness, but it never did anything for pain, so never gave it a thought when I (much later) developed numbness.


Got one for pain but made no difference. It wasn’t even attractive as it didn’t match my eyes so binned it.


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I wondered about what is the difference between magnetic bracelets and copper bracelets. This is what I pulled off the web.

Copper is a natural anti-inflammatory, therefore it can help relieve pain often associated with rheumatism and arthritis, as well as helping with general aches and pains.

Magnets are believed to help with general circulation thereby helping the body get more of the nutrients it needs from the blood.

I know of people who think the copper bracelets work but I don’t know anyone that’s used a magnetic bracelet.

Mine was both copper and magnetic.

Yes, I realise copper isn’t magnetic, before anyone jumps in with that, but it had magnets concealed in it.

I suppose, if it had worked, I’d never have known which was helping, but as it didn’t, I suppose neither did. :frowning:


Well, there was a study done on people with arthritis with magnet therapy. There’s an extract from it here:

I have one by a manufacturer that claims to use different magnets, using ‘central reverse polarity’, and their product is classified as a medical product, however I haven’t noticed any difference whatsoever either. It was very expensive for something that doesn’t work, I can tell you!

My wife uses reverse polarity magnetic back pad. Some years ago she was taken into hospital as an emergency for back pain. She was pumped full of drugs which did not good for the back pain which did no good at all and her MS progressed rapidly such that she walked into the hospital, agreed not very well at walking and came out confined to a wheelchair. Anyway she did her own research and started LDN but whist that helped with the back pain some days on others it did not. So on good days LDN helped with the MS and the back pain / MS and on bad days it did not. She then started using medical magnets which largely resolve the back problem but so far as we can see did help the MS. However ever since, now over 10 years, then LDN has stopped disease progress . Now the theory of reverse polarity medical magnets is they increase oxygen uptake and maybe that presents a reason why they might help MS but so far as we can see there has been no benefit to her MS. They are relatively cheap however and maybe they do help some with only MS so they may well help some people with MS. The ones we purchased come with a money back trial period so if they were to honour that then it might well be worth considering

There are two clear schools of thought:

If magnetism did not have an effect on the human body, how do MRI scanners work?


Me? I would worry more about some of the properties ascribed to crystals. If you want a real good laugh, walk into one of the crystal shops in Glastonbury, and listen to the rubbish being talked. If you dfo not value your life, laugh out loud!


Here is a link to a NASA study on magnets (electromagnetic pulsing) start at page 32 if you are not into the technical bit.

Here is a pubmed article on the same subject which is endorsed in the above article.

All I was saying is that we have no experence of making this work for MS not that it is not potentially a valid approach.

Yes I’ve tried but no it didn’t work. I call this kind of thing 'selling false hope ’ sorry.


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