MRI yesterday

I had my brain and spine MRI’s redone yesterday and they put the buzzer to call for help in my hands on my chest.

Less than halfway through I was in bits with pins and needles in my hands.

All the scans took around 30mins, and my mitts were dead numb at the end.

I wake up with numb hands and arms recently too…is it just par for the course?

I think quite a lot of people get this, including people without any neurological problems (e.g. it could be related to circulation). Definitely something to tell the neuro though.

Karen x

Hi, I get numb hands at night. I have had it for a few years and GP thought it was carpel tunnell. I had two simple operations which was meant to sort it but it’s still no better which makes me wonder if it’s related to something else?? I did ask neuro once though and he said not related to MS just have bad circulation!!

Thanks Karen, nice to have you back! I

Vicky - weird that you should respond…sorry i posted anon on this post without realising.

I started with TM and yet its only recently I’ve been noticing the pins and needles and waking up with them.

I read your lumbar puncture thread with great interest. I have had a recent episode so am having more MRI’s, mine were initally clear of MS 6 months ago. I’m hoping its still the after effects of the TM which can take up to 2 years to recover from…wishing you well,


I didn’t realise TM could hang around for so long. My Transverse Myletis was numb legs, was your the same? I feel fine now. What was your second episode, was it the same as the first? I feel like I am just waiting now for a second episode, it’s so hard to just forget about it all!

Yes I had the numbness that went up my left side only in March.

The deep muscle pain was worse than labour, and went on in my thighs and biceps for months. I got oral morphine in the end so that I could get a break from it. I was making slow recovery, though I was left with a distinct weakness on the left side.

I had a virus I think in June and a cold sore that covered the whole of the roof of my mouth and I started having swallowing problems, choking on food etc. It took me backwards, and has really slowed my recovery. It can take up to 2 years to recover from TM.

I have just had another mri so I’m hoping its clear so I can put the whole thing behind me and try and get stronger.

Have you made a full recovery from your TM?

Yes, thankfully I have made a full recovery, although it took 8 weeks or so. I had constant pins and needles, numbness from toes to waist. I could walk, but it all felt so wierd. My first spine MRI showed lesions and that was how I was diagnosed. How were you diagnosed if your scans were clear?

I think because I was still so ill when I first went to see the neurologist he was happy to give the diagnosis based on his clinical findings. He says stuff can sometimes take a very long time to show up either in bloods or scans…hence getting the scans done again.

Good luck with the scan results and keep me posted X