Magic Pants and a sense of humour is essential

I have relied on magic pants (ya know the ones that suck in your belly by at least a size) for a couple of dresses that I have for the last couple of years…they work wonders and no VPL.

However, I have noticed on the last two times I’ve worn them that they bring on the most horrendous electrical skin prickles, followed by the incredible itch as the prickles pass off …you know the ones where you lift your skirt up to check that you aren’t being attacked by something??

has anyone else had to relegate their magic pants after the onset of neurological symptoms?

I’m fairly gutted about it, and yet laughing at the same time as I have always managed to keep their very existence a total secret…my husband always says how great I look in those particular dresses…lol

Gillian I don’t wear magic pants but your story made me laugh. Could it be the particular brand of magic pants? Who knows I’m definitely interested in what everyone else is going to say.X

That story did make me chuckle !! It’s true you have to keep a sense of humour. Where as I have have had a problem with magic pants I have had the exact same symptoms and feeling as you but further up !! The much needed bra has been causing me terrible problems !! Hope you get back Into the magic pants soon Sarah :slight_smile: x

Thanks Gokr…you skinny gals just dont appreciate the importance of magic pants in a tubsters wardrobe.

Actually Sarah you are spot on…I had a lot of bra issue early days when the “hug” (the biggest misnomer ever!!) was at its worst. I relegated the offending underwored bras without grieving as I have lots of different bras that I could wear.

Unfortunately I fear I would be throwing good money away…to buy another brand as they are designed to suck you in…the reminder about the bra means that anything tight could possibly worsen symptoms. I’m not diagnosed and hope I am not…I am just trying to adapt to what I have and be happy in the here and now.

Sarah…not sure if you’re diagnosed?, if not can anyone tell me if tight underwear/clothes are now a thing of the past?

If so, I will not waste my scarce cash on trying another brand of magic knicks, I will mourn them and continue trying to lose weight.

However I will conquer my anguish with a biscuit while I await a response… he he

Oh the biscuits I have found great comfort in them !! Lol but my reasoning is my neuro told me to put on weight !! Yes unfortunately I was diognosed in 2010 . I don’t always have problems with tight clothing or underwear though as I have found its not a constant problem I have . They do say everyone is different though so would be interested myself to hear other people’s experiences too . Are you waiting a Dx then Gillian ? Sarah x

My sister uses magic pants and she loves them so I bow down before the wonder of them. Who knows a few kids later I maybe greatful for them.

Now that you mention the hug - when I had the hug round my abdomen and once round my chest clothing felt terrible. Even the slightest touch from my partner was excrutaiting for me. I had to be careful what I wore to work or I’d be in agony otherwise. So I guess it’s plausible that at times we maybe sensitive to certain contact against our skin.

Since the hug has cleared I’m all good though so I wonder whether it’s just temporary the sensation you’re experiencing?


Hi everyone

Im having a real chuckle as I read through these! I dont wear magic pants, but I have just realised that after wearing skin tight jeans my feet and legs always hurt. I gave up wearing heels a good few months ago as my balance is weird most of the time, and my right ankle gives way alot too. Heels and falling over are not good as even I was blaming my heels for a good few years!

I get pins and needles in my legs, hands and right arm anyway (and I dont wear magic pants on my arms either lol), and the horrible crawling/itching sensation drives me crazy! I also get pins and needles in my scalp and the crawling/itching has made me get my best friend to check my hair for headlice on more than one ocassion!

The worse thing about all these neuro problems we are all having (Im not dx yet but have been told by GP and neuro to expect a dx of MS) are the horrible sensations all over. I could put up with the pain (with the help of my trusted Tramadol) but the crawling/itching/cold water being poured down my legs sensations are just awful.

Good luck everyone :smiley:

Paula xx

Oh god yes Paula I thought that was just me with the scalp crawling !! I wake myself up in the morning sometimes scratching like one of those monkeys you see at the zoo !! I too gave up heels my balance hasn’t been good for years and I tend to walk to the left like a crab now !! My ms nurse said if it hasn’t recovered by now it won’t . So I have learnt to joke about it now instead of getting down. I’m getting used to hearing " Sarah the door is that way " !! Sarah x

Hi Sarah

I was awake most of last night itching all over… even felt like I was itching inside my bits Got up at 3am to take a piriton and finished my book.

Im still itchy now too so will be staying at home all day after I get into a luke warm shower.

You do have to joke about it dont u, otherwise life would feel cr*ppy :smiley:


Hi Pm64 I feel for you !! That’s itching is a nightmare it feeling like a million ants all over crawling in one go !! Oooohhhh and you always get it in places you can not reach yourself too . I have found if I didn’t joke I would prob cry and the puffy look really does suit my crab walk !! Lol . Hope you are feeling abit less itchy now. Sarah :slight_smile: x x

Thank you for this, I dont wear undies or skinny jeans however, it is a possibility restricting blood flow all be it not loads could cause it.

Also I know I am a man however I am close to my wife so understand you ladies do what you to to feel nice and look nice for us and you know what… Its appreciated. (just incase you other halfs forget to mention it)

Arrrrhhhhh what a lovely comment Tom :slight_smile:

Thanks guys you made me giggle!

Sarah C - I had a bout of transverse myelitis in March, brain scans clear for ms but had another recent episode so a little concerned that TM can precede ms. I’ve been off work since and have a fair loss of mobility and am trying to function again with a little independance which I’m finding really hard. Having more scans to check whats happening in the old grey matter, so like to chat a little here.

One of the hardest things to comprehend is the neurological symptoms are so strong you just keep on looking to see if something is crawling on you.

I’ve been looking for the spider crawling on me today as my little fingers been twitching! Silly isn’t it - you have to laugh.X

Hi Gillian Sounds like you are really going through it at the min. The neurological symptoms do really get you down, and the sensory feeling that comes with the ie ; crawling and squeezing , itching. Have enjoyed the little giggle the last few days . I do hope everything goes ok with your scans and that you start feeling some relief soon . Sarah x

Hi, I imagined these remarks were between us and Gok Wan!!! He`s a firm believer in magic underwear!

I dont wear em either, or I would wet myself even more!!! I don`t get much time when transferring to loo to remove my clothes!

luv Pollyxx

Hi Polly On yes good old gok won !! He would have a field day trying you suck us lot in !! Would be wrapped up like kippers !! Lol Sarah x

What a great thread, cheered me up too.

Sadly, I have needed magic pants and I remember on one occasion feeling so good in them, but as the night progressed and the 5 course meal was consumed, I also remember just wanting to let it all flop.

As the night progressed, there was dancing and consequently, when the said garment was finally removed (actually extracted) there was itching, lots of itching. But I think this was more from the material they were made from and the fact that I was hot - I don’t have a dx of MS (awaiting appt) so can’t say if it’s related.

However, I can relate to the insect bit and often snatch my clothes away because I feel something biting only to find nothing! But always give it a good scratch anyway !!

Thanks again for the giggle and the bringing back memory of magic pants

Alison x