Quick question I’ve been taking a magnesium supplement just because I thought it was one of the recommendations for us msers however I’m now wondering should I be taking it, if so how much and could I end up with too much magnesium in my body? Also anyone know what too much would do.? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I take 375mg of magnesium and find it helps ease problems with spasm and cramp. Too much magnesium can act as a laxative and suggest you would know about it by now.


I take 300mg of Magnesium each day and it helps with sleep, cramps and menopause symptoms too.

Like Whamme says you would know if you were taking too much as you would feel as if you were taking laxatives.

Shazzie xx

I have had a few incidents off the laxative effect… I don’t really get cramps (touch wood) just thought it might make my daft left leg stronger then after a bout of the laxative effect this am thought if post this question and I do have this about once a week! Sorry for too much information :wink:

lt is recommended that we with MS take vitamin d3 and magnesium also zinc. Do google it - vitamin d3 and magnesium benefits - and read for yourself. Magnesium can work as a laxative - Epsom Salts is magnesium.

D3 and magnesium should make your muscles stronger.