Just started taking magnesium and already feel much more awake, lighter mood and dare I say it, healthier. Maybe early days but are there others out there taking it and have you noticed dramatic results? Heard it can help with depression?? bren x

Fortunately, I don’t get depressed, but find 375mg of magnesium helps with cramp and spasm. Take a look at

Bren, How refreshing to read your positive post !! You know that I’ve been taking Magnesium and other supplements for years - and yes, they do work !! Lyn xxxx

I’ll try this. I find good results with folic acid I take 5 a day and feel much brighter. MM

Hello. What is the optimum dose so you feel the benefits? Steffi xx

Hello Steffi, I take 375mg and find that works quite well. Be careful of taking too much, because it can act as a laxative.


I can see a benefit so far been taking it for three weeks taking 400mg two in the morning two at night , it stops the cramps maybe reduce it to 300mg as the stress of Christmas has gone and i felt it didn’t help with the cramps , how do you manage to take 375mg do you get it from GP or like me Holland and Barrett

So pleased you are getting benefits from Magnesium.

Which magnesium do you take. There are a few out there aren’t there? I’ve seen Magnesium Oxide at the supermarket.

Shazzie xx

Be careful not to take too much Bren it can affect your heart rate,i take it and i was also eating a lot of magnesium rich foods and my heart rate was all over the place,seem i was taking too much so if i eat magnisium rich foods i dont take it that day,i find it helps me go to the toilet too,which is good as i was really badly constipated…

J x

I get mine from Healthspan and it seems to work perfectly well. It’s probably worth experimenting a bit with the dose, as one size doesn’t fit all.

It’s advised to take magnesium alongside vitd3 - as they need one another to work. There are several types of magnesium. Some do have work as a laxative. Epsom salts and Fynnon salts are magnesium. The best one for us is magnesium malate also known as magnesium glycinate or Elemental Chelated magnesium. There is a good one called Source Natural Magnesium Malate on Amazon.

lt should help with restless legs at night / also cramp plus other benefits. And its better to try a natural supplement like this first- rather than resorting to prescribed drugs and the usual side effects that go with them.

Lots of info online - worth reading and making up your own mind.

hurray bren!

milk of magnesia when you are constipated and it kills 2 birds with one stone!

the magnesium oil is good for when u wake up with a bad cramp in your foot/calves.

just reach for the bottle which lives on my bedside table, a quick squirt and back to sleep.

carole x

Thanks Carole. That is so helpful. I wake up regularly with painful spasms. Be off to get some tomorrow.

Shazzie xx

thanks whammel, MRS J why does it affect your heart rate?

its just one of those things that if you take too much it can affect your heart rate,Pat on the ppms forum had trouble with her heart rate with it.

j x

thanks for that