Magnesium Citrate


Someone posted on here about how good this was for cramps, fatigue etc. What I wanted to know is how many mg’s should you take a day and does it have to be 100% Magnesium Citrate, as there are some supplements with oxide in amonst other things?



l use magnesium [oxide] Holland & Barrett 250mg - l take 3 a day -usually at night. On the bottle it does say one-a-day- but l did read - l think on this site - that a higher dose is needed. As someone who does suffer with diarrhoea - the magnesium has not caused me any problems - as it is supposed to be a laxative as well.

Been taking it for about 3months - l do feel l have more energy - and less muscle spasms.


the citrate is supposed to make it easier for the stomach to absorb. on my pack it says take 2 times 200 mg with or after food. at the mo im taking just 200 as recommended by a friend. she takes it to help with depression and thinks it helps. she also knows someone who has suffered from psychosis for many years and since taking 200 mg a day has come off his meds and feels great! im hoping it will help with fatigue and lift my mood but its too early to pass judgement yet but am keepig my fingers crossed.



I take 3 x 500mg magnesium aspartate a day which has the equivalent to 37.4mg of elemental magnesium in each 500mg.

Magnesium citrate is a laxative and has a much lower amount of magnesium in it and is not absorbed into the body in the same way. Erhum, you are literally dropping the tablets down the loo :slight_smile:

To get the best benefit of magnesium as a supplement try using either magnesium oxide or magnesium aspartate. But do be careful not to take too much as it is toxic if the recommended daily amount is exceeded.



Thanks all, I will give this a go for 3 months and see how I go, I feel that supplements can take this long before starting to make a difference.

Thanks for the additional info - we started on magnesium citrate - then to magnesuim oxide - now l have learnt about magnesium malate. Looked it up - and amazon seem to be the best bet for price. Reviews show that magnesium malate really does help with chronic fatigue and pain.

Thanks for your help.