Magical moments

I have just been to see my cousin who lives near the Yorkshire Moors. We spent a day with her and saw the old haunts that I used to play in - a real walk down memory lane. We then spent a night in Whitby, and that was also enjoyable. I used my mobility scooter and that was difficult over the cobble stones. It felt like I was being shaken like a cocktail. The view at the end of the garden was breathtaking. It became one of my magical moments. We loked over the Eske valley and it was a perfct day. The sun shone and all you could hear were the birds singing, the sheep, baaing and the donkeys braying. Six donkeys came within touching distance of us, and were not afraid to be stroked. The heat from the sun was too muuch though, but it did not spoil things even though I had to lean really heavily on my fiancee and was nearly dragged back to the house. Other magical moments have been sitting in the square in Lesvos on our first Greek hliday and all the children were with us and loving the freedom of doing their own thing, My daughter sleeping on my lap on the way home from the pub after celebrating her engagement. The grandchildren playing with the hose, spraying each other in the sparklin sunshine. I hope to have many more magical moments - despite the difficulties I now face. hope everyone else has a lovely weekend as the weather is set for sunshine. Stay cool everyone. Jackie x PS Just in case you are wondering - I have been widowed 3 years and met my fiancee (also widowed) last year. We are both 63 years young - and hope to have a few more magical moments together.

Hi Jackie

Oh what a lovely uplifting post, magical moments and lovely memories create such wonderful thoughts.

I hope you and your fiancee make lots of wonderful memories that you both can cherish.

Pam x

Hi Jackie, Well done, I love your magical moments. I read a book about positive thinking once and it called your magical moments life strawberries! Nina x

Hi Jackie,lovely positive post,

‘magical moments’ are wonderful arent they ?

im sure you will have lots more to come,too.

j x

Jackie what a lovely image you paint… I definitely feel the magic in it, glad you had such a lovely time.

Cath xx

Thank you for your replies. I love the ‘life strawberries’ - never heard of that before. I will try to remember it. Have fun everyone. Off to Suffolk to watch ( maybe sleep through) a match of Bowls. Jackie x

Lovely posy Jackie. I think with MS life strawberries become even more precious. Thanks. Pat xx

I meant post…not posy…but may posy is a better discription! Xx

Uplifting indeed but I’ve still welled-up

Sonia x