Magenesium for spasticity

Just looking for some recommendations for which magnesium to take to help spasticity. I don’t suffer with cramps, but my legs get very stiff.

thanks in advance xxx

Hi Lisa. You can get a magnesium supplement Sainsbury’s, Holland & Barratt and other stores. I’m not aware of different compounds to choose from. Regards, Anthony

I take 400mg magnesium citrate for my restless legs. I don’t think chemists or Holland and Barratt have the strength we need but lots of people use the spray, but I’ve not tried it. Good luck x

There are lots of different compounds of magnesium, the one generally on sale is not the best form, here’s a list I found on the “Biotin for Progressive MS” FB page, just in case the link doesn’t work…

Try Amazon for the specific compound that you think will suit you (they have capsules with mixtures of different compounds too - I never knew there was so much to it!)

I use magnesium citrate but also use the stray when i need it, i take sometimes up to 700mgs

Forgot to say i use the powder it is much cheaper

That form is a mild laxative. Be aware that several forms of magnesium are, that may be an effect that works for you, but definitely isn’t for me, if you know what I mean.