Baclofen and Magnesium

Hi everyone,

I started Baclofen a while ago, 1 a day (10mg) … this is being increased to 2 a day. However I am unsure when to take the second one? I still feel really stiff in the right leg despite the baclofen and this is quite noticeable as I am limping a lot due to this. I also believe magnesium helps but I am wondering which magnesium and how much/what strength. This stiffness has only increased recently. I don’t experience spasms (touch wood) but the stiffness is becoming an annoying problem especially when I’m working.


Lisa xxxx

hi lisa

i take magnesium oxide tablets

milk of magnesia if i’m constipated.

magnesium spray is brilliant for massaging into legs when they spasm or cramp.

i didn’t get on with baclofen it made my legs weak.

take advice from your gp about the dose.

or ask at a good health food shop (not holland and barrett)

carole x

Hi, I take magnesium citrate, I normally take 600mgs I do use the spray when I run out of tablets.

Thank you both for your advice. Does the magnesium help with stiffness? More than the baclofen? I’ve just also posted again as I think I may be relapsing but am confused by this as I have been told I am now SPMS and have definitely deteriorated without relapses in the last few years! Is it possible to relapse when you are SPMS?

Thanks again x