Hi. I am having a really bad time with spasticity at the moment. My legs are really bad today and I am in a lot of pain. What is the best way to ease it?

If the usual prescription medication isn’t working have you tried magnesium supplement and/or spray? It’s widely available in supermarkets and the high street, and a lot of people with MS, including me, find it very effective.


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Hi AnthonyA. I have used magnesium in the past but it didn’t do much. I will try it again and see if it makes a difference.

Ask your GP for TANZADINE my neuro recommended it, it works but can make you bit sleepy, it wears off after a couple of hours, great at night in bed. Magnesium does not work for me Bertie

Just bought some magnesium pills I will see what happens. I am not too bad today but my legs feel like they are starting stiffen up a bit now!