Magnesium and spasticity

Hi all

does magnesium help with spasticity and if so what does is effective?

Thanks in advance

Didn’t help with my spasticity, in fact it didn’t help with anything at all.

However, some people have had benefits, as always, everyone is different.

I couldn’t stomach magnesium orally but the oil spray rubbed into the worst areas, big leg muscles, definitely gave a bit of relief when used regularly.

I did try magnesium but not sure if it really worked!

See other topic on spasticity. Tell your GP you want some Tanzidine tablets they are the only remedy, magnesium waste of time. Been on Tanzidine for 6 years. Sorry to be abrupt but they help your muscles to relapse and that is why they are effective. Bertie

Sorry relax not relapse Silly Bertie wished I had not had a relapse, I might be normal now, lousy New Year again

Thanks Bertie. I probably wouldn’t have noticed the typo if you hadn’t pointed it out. I probably do it all the time. (joy of being dyslexic)! I have bought some more magnesium. I am not going to see the doctor for a couple of weeks and I thought I would try it again to see if it helped. Hope you feel better soon!