After suffering with painful boils/pimples for three years my 9 year old niece has been diagnosed with MRSA.

Is this infectious to other children in the family and can it be treated?

(I have only heard of MRSA in connection with hospital patients when the outlook is not very good)

Like you I have only come across MRSA I connection with hospitals. My late father had this and it was treated as highly contagious. He was put in a private ward and strict protocols were introduced for hand washing and gown wearing. My understanding is that it is a so called superbug and is resistant to antibiotics. Perhaps someone can tell you more about its occurrence outside institutions.



I suggest that you get her checked out at doctors ASAP, although a lot of people have this without being aware of it. In hospital it is usually the elderly that it affects more especially if they have an open wound. But get her checked to be on the safe side.


A lot of people carry MRSA, I was tested for it some years ago and it was found in my nose! A course of antibiotics sorted it out. I don’t think it is particularly dangerous to other people unless they have open wounds.

MRSA is only dangerous if it get’s into an open wound. It lives in many people outside hospitals un-affecting their host in warm; moist areas; e. g. nose, crotch.

Unfortunately I had a small burn on my leg that became infected. Went in hospital; contracted MRSA and had my leg amputated as a result.

There is one antibiotic that can treat this infection that the doctors hold back. I’m sure they will be able to treat your niece. Mine happened some 10 years ago and because of it I will not even visit anyone in hospital.

So yes she can pick it up outside hospital and I cannot stress how important it is to be scrupulously clean.

My dad always said to me “you must eat a peck of dirt before you die” but in today’s day and age you cannot be a child dirt searcher like I was.

All the love in the world to her; don’t worry they know more about treating this infection today than in my day.


Each time l have had to go into hospital for surgery - l have had to have tests to see that l have not got MRSA - they take swabs of nose/crotch. lts a terrible infection that many folk ‘carry’ and thats how it gets into hospitals - with tragic results as George has said. lt is a highly contagious infection - so l would have thought anyone getting it would have to be isolated until the anti-biotics have worked. Our local district nurse contracted it and ended up having to have her arm amputated-

And another elderly neighbour died of it after having to go into hospital - she had ulcerated legs.

So do take care.


Thanks for the replies.

My niece is now on a course of antibiotics but no restrictions put on her - she is still attending school.

I undertood MRSA to be highly infectious and very nasty.

My husband picked up MRSA when he was in hospital (long story, result of too much alcohol) - he was put into isolation, but I was never stopped from visiting him, and after they discharged him from hospital, there were no restrictions at home, we were sleeping in the same bed. I have never been swabbed for it, I also did not suffer any ill effects. My mother was alive at the time and in a nursing home, so I didn’t visit her until my husband was clear because she was very ill and I would never have forgiven myself if I had passed on any type of bug to her (we all used to stay away if there was any type of cold going about too). I know there is a lot of “hype” about MRSA, and I know that the effects of it can be devastating, but I do wonder how easy it is for a relatively healthy person to contract.

Luisa x

Oh George, that shocked me when you said you lost your leg to MRSA. How awful for you. That and MS to cope with, poor you.

luv Pollx

Hi, I don`t know anything about MRSA, but love to your little niece.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll,

Sorry I’m late in replying and thank you for your concern.

You never forget; it happened 6 days before Christmas 1998. So I can truthfully say I got legless at Christmas that year and did not get a hangover.