Mrsa and MS

Hi Everyone

I have a dilemma. One of my best friends has MRSA which he picked up in hospital - he’s home now and isn’t being swabbed anymore and they told him it should just go.

I haven’t visited for 5 weeks but would love to see him - if he’s not going to know when it goes this could go on forever!

Am I safe to visit him even though I have MS? I do understand about the handwashing side of it etc



Hi Daphne,you’ve got a dilemma, and you might end up counting the Ayes and Nays on here.If you do go I would suggest that you wear disposable gloves and be mindful of what you touch.One of those little bottles of hand sanitizer might be useful.

Have a good time if you do visit, and oh,the ultimate anal thing,take your own cup for when you have a drink.I reckon your mate will understand your caution but will be delighted to see you,

Good luck,



I have never written on here cause never know what to say but this one I do!! I am a nurse who has MS and am probably riddled with MRSA they say it’s everywhere in the hospitals. They did random swabs and it was on the curtains etc.

I would not worry about it does not seem to do me any harm at least I dont think it does… As long as you are mindful of hand hygiene you will be fine.

Hope this helps to put your mind at rest and go visit your friend.

Lizzie x

Thanks for the comments - they have helped me.

I did think about taking my own cup - but actually his are probably cleaner than mine :slight_smile:

He has got a bottle of the hand sanitizer he had in the hospital, but I will make sure I wash my hands too.

Think I’ll be off visiting tomorrow then!

Am full of admiration for you Lizzie nursing with MS - it’s such an exhausting job!

Daphne x