Lovely few days

Just had a lovely few days in Edinburgh for my daughters graduation. Can’t believe it’s three years since she left for uni. Anyway after a lot of blood sweat and tears ( there was a lot of tears) she graduated as a Learning Disability Nurse on Thursday and what a wonderful day it was. The weather was kind and being disabled we got the best seats in the Usher Hall. A lot of photos were taken and then after copious amounts of presecco at various bars around Edinburgh followed by a lovely meal. What a perfect day! When you’re in a wheelchair Edinburghs cobbles are a bit daunting but after a couple of drinks you don’t feel them so much.

Now we are back home and the fatigue has kicked in big time but I knew it would.

She has a new job beside Cambridge so we won’t see them for a while but it’s so lovely to see them get on with their lives and doing the things they want.

Mags xx


Thats lovely Mags , I bet you are so proud of her. I was in Edinburgh last year with my son for a fringe celebration, it was in the August hols, it rained all day and I know what you mean about the cobbles , I did find it fun racing across them at top speed. Michelle and Frazer xx

My bladder would never cope with those cobbles!

Sounds like you had a great time and I can imagine how proud you are

Sonia x

You must be very proud Mags, so pleased you enjoyed your break, time now to recouperate.

We had a lovely time in Edinburgh quite a few years ago now, the castle was fantastic, but the cobbles…jeez.

Pam x

Nice to hear of good things Mags.

It makes the fatigue worth while.


That’s great news Mags.

You should be very proud of your daughter and what an admirable profession she has chosen. I wish her all the very best for the future. She is credit to you.


So pleased you had a good time! You must be so very proud!

Take Care,

Nina x