Lovely family lunch, now I'm paying for it

I had my birthday lunch today. My Dad, my sister and her husband, and a couple who are our best friends since Uni, were with us at a really good food pub not far from us. It was great: the food was really good and the company of course could not have been better. I loved it. One of my cards was a reprint of an old Punch cartoon where three Daleks are confronted by a flight of steps and one of them says " Looks like the plans for domination of the universe will have to be put on hold!" Been there, I thought.

The pub was cool enough, but I was wilting with fatigue by the time we left a 4pm and the 20 minute car drive home in the heat was not pleasant. I dived into my recliner and tried to doze- so of course Larry left leg kicked off. He’s still kicking, though baring my legs has helped. Being badly affected by heat is a new one on me. The last two summers weren’t noticeably hot, and I am definitely relapsing year on year. Up until now only cold was my enemy. Sheesh!

Still, well worth all of the discomfort for the pleasure of the occasion.

Oh happy birthday KeV, sounds like you really enjoyed it, shame there are always consequences to contend with, best rest, rest and rest some more.

I also suffer with both the heat and the cold, Spring is normally best for me, so this weather has me hibernating in home, what a bummer.

Take care

Pam x

Happy birthday Kev, sounds like a lovely way to spend it. I’m okay in the heat, actually managed a walk around half the car boot and from my house to my parents’ which isn’t far but I can’t do it all the time so I’m on a high but well aware that I might also not always enjoy the heat as much. I think you’ll need to rest up for a couple of days now. Take care.

Cath xx

Wishing you a very happy birthday!

I stayed with my Mum last Friday night and then my sister came over Saturday night to stay with me - hubby was away so my family were happy to look after me and I had a lovely time… but my ‘afternoon nap’ after my sister went home lasted for 8 hours! My husband woke me with a cup of tea when he got home and that was cold when I did wake up!

I think the things we enjoy most can be the things that are the hardest to handle.Sulking or grumping seems to takeless energy but regardless of how much energy it takes, I think we all have the things that we love to do regardless of fatigue!

Sonia x

Happy Birthday Kev crazy aint it one small this is a big step for a man with MS.

THING not this oops in bed with laptop been here all day

Thank you everyone, thanks for the cake Sonia. It really needs a few more candles than that! Another 59 to be precise :-). I’ll have to save it for tomorrow, my actual birthday. Larry-left-leg has quietened down now. Hoping for some serious zzzzz. Night all!

Oooh Kev, is this a big milestone birthday? In which case I’m even more pleased for you having a lovely day out even if it means spending your actual birthday quietly resting at home. Happy birthday for tomorrow xx

Happy Birthday Kev, Sounds like a lovely day, hope you don’t have to pay the price tomorrow! Nina x

Happy Birthday! Hope it is a good one, even if quieter than yesterday. I am sure it will be special in some way. I hope you had a good nights sleep and that your leg behaved itself. Happy birthday!! Again Jackie x

Morning all on my 60th! Ruth just asked me if I wanted to do anything special today. My honest answer is, not really, I just want to be comfortable and happy. I also want two things to be done: one, have the car valeted, and two, decide which tender we should accept for our building work. Oh, and I need to make a dental appointment because one of my crowns fell out yesterday. The sooner we get the building alterations, the better for me. Three wider doors downstairs, and upstairs the bathroom moved almost next to the bedroom, and our old guest bedroom to be turned into a study / music room for me. Exciting! It’s an Edwardian semi, and all this work should make it less hostile to a wheelchair. Now still in bed and comfortable, over an hour til my carers come to get me up. (We have them two mornings and one bedtime each week to give Ruth a break.) That’ll do me for a birthday. Don’t want Alton Towers or paint balling or the zoo or the seaside. Oh hang on, the seaside would be fab! Have a nice day all!

Best wishes on your 60th. Don’t envy you on the scale of house alterations, I’m still recovering from having my kitchen done and house decorated. I think you need to take Ruth on holiday away from the dust. I’m really pleased on that front though, I went to the car boot sale yesterday and a man was selling the tiles I want for my kitchen at 1p each. The small coloured tiles… I’d been looking at them so keenly in the DIY shops but they were out of budget. I’ve bought all the tiles I need for £4.

Now I just have to buy the adhesive and grout and sweet talk my dad into putting them up. Bargain of the century, the man in the van’s happy as his clutter has gone and my kitchen is another small step closer to finishing.

Whatever you do today, just enjoy it. Have some quality time with Ruth

Cath xx

Happy Birthday Kev hope you (and Ruth) have a lovely day whatever you decide to do. Jan x

Happy Birthday Kev!!! For the next 6 weeks you and I are the same age… then I become your senior… hehe… I’ll be 61. Glad you had such a lovely time out. Yep the heat is a killer. Take it easy today… good luck with the building works. Pat xx

Hi Kev, Many happy returns of the day. Glad you had a lovely day yesterday even though you had to pay the price for it. Hope you have a lovely day today and don’t go setting the house on fire with all those candles. Lol!! Mind you I am not too far behind you I will be 57 next week. Glad the weather is still nice where you are. I can’t say the same here as there has been some nasty showers the last couple of days. Had a fun day today, went to choose our new kitchen etc as our flat is starting to be built. Yippee !!! But all those choices to make , I am such a dither nowadays I really felt for the salesman. Mags xx

Thanks again all.

Hey, my carer brought me a chocolate cake this morning! And the car has been valeted!

Now a celebratory snooze, methinks.


happy birthday it was mine on the 20th June and i managed to get to a local carvery for lunch with my daughter,grandaughter and other half, i had such a lovely day,but like you i too am paying for it…but at least we went…

J x


happy birthday it was mine on the 20th June and i managed to get to a local carvery for lunch with my daughter,grandaughter and other half, i had such a lovely day,but like you i too am paying for it…but at least we went…

J x

[/quote] Indeed we did! Happy birthday to you too! (Sorry I can’t return you a cake, it doesn’t work on the ipad.) Love Kev

And happy birthday for last week to you too. It’s worth the few bad days if you’ve done something nice to deserve it. What I really hate is the off days when I’ve not misbehaved. Glad you both had birthdays to remember for the right reasons.

Take care

Cath xx

I have actually passed a really pleasant day today. Managed the afternoon without needing the snooze I promised myself. Emails kept coming and the phone rang regularly, some just with birthday wishes, some just run of the mill. But I don’t feel too bad. Fingers crossed for tomorrow (is that our motto?) And the day has been all the better for the kind messages on here. Thank you all and night night. Zzzz