Lots of hospital appointments and trying to get a job..

I’ve not been diagnosed with anything and so I just end up with so many appointments.

November I had 2 hospital appointments and 2 or 3 doctor appointments.

December I had 4 hospital appointments and maybe 1 doctors.

This month I have 3 hospital appointments.

I feel like this hinders my chances of getting a job, I didn’t even apply for any in December because I had a lot of hospital appointments and feel like a job would see me as too sick to work…

So how do you handle having a lot of hospital appointments, and having a job especially a new one? I’ve been using crutches as well so I just feel like it’s going to impact negatively on me, I don’t know if I’m overthinking it.

all i can say is go for it.

it shows that you are not a softie.

go in with confidence because you CAN do it.

sit in a relaxed manner - make sure that you’re shoulders are relaxed.

stretch out your legs instead of crossing them because that makes you appear open.

good luck!!

they don’t know about your appointments and it’s none of their business.

don’t forget to breathe!

let us know how you get on.