Haven't been diagnosed with anything, trying to get a new job while experiencing neuro symptoms

I have an interview on Monday, I did manage to get through to the 2nd stage. I have been getting slurred speech and I have a knee injury and need surgery. But I really need a job, I feel like using a crutch puts me at a disadvantage. I have a problem with brain fog, I feel like it makes me come across as dopey. I suffer from really bad fatigue, and I just don’t know how to deal with it. I have memory problems and I don’t want this all to stop me getting a job. To make a long story short, is there anyway of making theses symptoms not impact me so much, or how do you deal with symptoms in your job. I’m still waiting on quite a few hospital appointments, so far the neuro hasn’t been able to diagnosis me with anything.

hi Shelley

well, good luck with your interview.

there is no need to mention any health issues.

you can say that you have a knee injury but leave it at that.

stay calm and relaxed.

in order to come across as relaxed, think about your posture.

sitting with legs crossed and arms folded gives you a “closed” appearance when you ought to appear “open”.

so stretch out your legs and if you MUST cross them cross at the ankles not the knees.

before you go in, remind yourself why you would be suited to this job.

you are fantastic so believe it.

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