Employment help

I have recently had a meeting with my employer regarding changing my hours- they want to put me on a rota basis of alternative shifts and my colleagues have been complaining as I can’t lift due to limited strength in one of my arms and extreme back pain which I think was brought on by falling off chair in work or by trying to lift heavy things with one arm. I tried to lift something heavy recently with my ‘normal arm’ and managed but my back became EXTREMELY sore immediately afterwards and for 3 days to the point I could barely walk. I only just told my employer that ms was suspected as I was told to await diagnosis if possible. I lift things such as bin bags etc stuff I am able to safely lift with one hand. I work in a job where i am required to lift animals I don’t feel able to lift with both hands and therefore lifting dogs say with one makes it unsafe in my opinion for both the animal and myself. My employer is going to give me a list of tasks required of my job and wants my neuro or gp to say what I can and can’t do. Should I do this or could this be a way of them turning around and saying I am not suitable for the job anymore. I am due to attend neuro this week. I have now told my employer what is suspected and that I can’t change my shift pattern due to my health. I don’t want to lose my job but also I am trying my best I have only taken 2 days off despite extreme fatigue and pain other than lifting I can do everything else! I feel sad about this whole situation. Please help.

Hi I don’t see how the neuro can say what you can and can’t do, only you can really. Same has happened to me due to the extreme physical job I have not worked since my cis attack Which has seriously buggered my leg up and fatigue. My neuro says to me I should try get back to work I nearly fell off the chair laughing at him and I cheekily said I’ll give u the illness and you try do it. Still angers me to this day but that aside. The way I see it the doctors don’t have the condition you unfortunately do, so only us can really answer what we are now capable of doing. Think your employer should be thanking you for your effort! I do wish you all the best.