Work issues

Hello peeps…

I have not posted anything for some months but have often checked in and been comforted by the many supportive messages on this board… Sorry for my absence but I am still here with ‘Probable MS’…

For the record, I have been having various tests for teh last 2 years and for the last 12 months I have had a working diagnosis of probable! This has genereally been ok as I have continued to be supported medically and have been prescribed Amantadine, Baclofen and, more recently, Gabapentin. The reason my diagnosis is pending is because although I have lesions and many many symptoms, my lumbar puncture and EEG were ok…

My current query is in relation to work and hospital appointments… We have recently had a new sickness policy, which states that all medical appointmetns have to be either:

  1. Taken as annual leave
  2. Made up in time by working extra hours
  3. Taken as unpaid leave
  4. Taken outside of working hours

Whilst I think this is fair in relation to GP or dental appointments (or other appointments which can be taken outside of 9-5), I am not able to choose such times for appointmetns in relation to my MS (e.g. neurologist, MRI scans etc…) Thus, I have asked my manager to consider this, as I feel that I am being discriminated against by having to use up all of my annual leave on appointmens, when my colleagues do not have to attend such appointments. However, my employer (NHS) insist that it is fair and equitable for me to be treated the same as everyone else in this matter. BTW, I work fulltime and really struggle to cope (re: fatigue) so it is not an option for me to work extra hours to make time up.

I understand that if I had a definite diagnosis I would be covered by the DDA or Equality Act… Does anyone know if I have similar rights with a ‘probable’ diagnosis?

Thank you in advance of any advice offered.


Hiya…I agree with Rebecca on this one…re the DDA perhaps speak to the CAB on this and see what they say as they can claify this or look on the direct gov website?

Its not fair you have to use up your annual leave re appointments/scans etc…afterall you dont choose the time the give you!

Thank you so much for your advice… I will definitely check this out thoroughly now. I love this site as just when you feel like no one is listening, here is the only ‘true’ support xx