Employer Advice...

Just as I came up to two weeks before my neuro appointment my manager at work contacted me. At the moment I’m currently undiagnosed; my GP is going to diagnose ME if neuro finds nothing, been with the company for 4 months non-sick leave and 6 months with sick leave. In the first 2 months I wasn’t even given a written contract and on top of that the manager phoned to say that they want to put me down to zero contract hours due to everything that’s going on and that the branch can’t keep up with sick pay and over time pay to cover me.

Apart from ACAS is there anyone else I can contact? I’m in Hampshire, South East/West England and can’t seem to find much online. I’m also going to contact Citizens Advice Bureau too.

Thanks a bunch.

Tsuki xx

Apart from your suggestions which i recommend… do you have a union in work? If so and you haven’t joined then join. sorry i can’t be much help on the legal side of things but i’m pretty sure they can’t just change your contracted hours. Does your contract say anything about sickness and attendance management? Do they have an attendance management policy and procedure? xx

I’m following the attendance management properly judging by previous employer in same work sector. I’m calling in when I;m supposed to and I’m following up everytime I see GP etc. Never even been given an employee handbook that’s how “well managed” it’s been recently.

Just a bit unsure and wasn’t sure if anyone knew any other bodies I got go to.

There isn’t a union for my type of work essentially. Which is a bit hard, but I’m going to be looking into that a bit further tomorrow as well.

Thanks anyways Birdlady. :slight_smile: