Confused and fed up

Hi everyone I,m new on here but at the end of my tether (Well nearly),been ill since wrist surgery in feb MRI,S CT scans , L.P all sorts of tests , get told all is well by different dr,s ,then boom neuro dr tells me i,ve had a single demylinating episode after seeing lesions on spine and brain cant diagnose MS as only one episode …Dont get me wrong I dont really want Ms but this is a very grey, confusing area to be in, now work are getting on at me for length of sickness , feel so rubbish I have got lots of odd symptoms and fatigue is something else cant wait to feel a little better , sorry for the moan , speak soon love Debsxx

Thanks for the support,need all I can get at the moment,yours is a good way of looking at it really will try to take it on board and try to get my head round it much better than I currently am. I work for NHS so you would think they would be more supportive but tbh they are putting pressure on me a little and its not helping. Thanks again . Will be back doon xx

Hi Debs, and welcome to the site :slight_smile: Getting a diagnosis of MS can be tricky. Because there’s no single test, there are guidelines and anyone who doesn’t quite meet them gets told either “probable MS” or CIS (clinically isolated syndrome). From what you’ve said, I would guess that your official diagnosis is “probable MS”. That’ll get changed to “clinically definite” MS, or just MS, when (IF!) you have another attack. About work… I believe you are covered by the Equality Act even though you don’t have the full MS diagnosis yet. This means that your employer has to make “reasonable adjustments” to enable you to stay in work. They are also much more likely to be more understanding about your being off (“discrimation against the disabled” tends to make HR departments a lot more careful). I don’t know the rules, so I suggest you have a google of the Equality Act and see what it says. Have you asked about meds for your symptoms? For example, there are a couple for fatigue (amantadine and modafinil). They don’t work for everyone, but are definitely worth a try. I hope things get easier for you soon. Karen x

hi Karen thanks for your support,just been started on gabapentin for symptoms low dose initially then they up it I think. Thanks for advice about work ,will google it to see what I can find . Just want to feel normal again really any special tablets for that,would love some of them lol … Speak soon Debs xx

Hi I’m in the same sort of boat limbo is horrible they have said I have inflammation on my brain and that symptoms are the same as ms but I have only had one episode so they don’t like tagging people so quickly when in effect a tag would be very helpfully for work life I’ve been off work for ten weeks if u wanna chat throw us a line be glad to