Work without official diagnosis

I was diagnosed with CIS in march last year, since then I’ve been back to a neuro and he’s told me I have MS but have to do another MRI and a lumbar puncture to confirm. Had my MRI, just waiting on results, got my lumbar puncture in a few weeks. The past 3 weeks I have been exhausted, struggling to function properly, especially in the afternoons, today was extra bad I was just so weak this afternoon, it scared me to drive so I had to stop. My work have told my manager that unless I have an official diagnosis on paper then they won’t help me. I’m seeing my gp Thursday as he wants to help me and wants to reduce my long days. In the mean time, does anyone have any advice? Self help and also how I can deal with work? Xx

From experience the first thing to consider is an application with your HR for your condition to be covered under the equality act. You don’t have to have a ‘name’ for it to be covered. That would at least give you a bit more cover with work and they would be required to make reasonable adjustments to help you then! I’ve done it at work and am waiting for their decision at the moment. Just because you don’t (yet) have a name doesn’t mean they don’t have to give you support as long as it affects your day to day life on a long term you should be covered. Big hugs :slight_smile:

Hi, Are you in a union? If you are you need to contact them asap, you can also get advice from Citizens Advice as well. The MS website & helplines will also be able to offer you guidance. The Disability & Equality Acts should cover you, dx or not. Its ‘pants’ being stuck in limbo. I am work for large organisation who have policies in place, so am ‘looked after’ (hesitate to use words lucky or fortunate - coz if I was wouldn’t have this hanging over my head). Hope you find the help/guidance you need. Take care

Hello, I spent a long time in limbo and my GP wrote debility on my sick notes. Work had to accept it and act accordingly.

Sounds like you really need to reduce your hours, or go on the sick. Driving whilst so tired isnt safe…not safe at all hun.

I hope your HR help you.

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Thanks everyone! So good to have this forum for advice! Got my gp appointment Thursday and he’s made it clear he’s going to help me with work which is a relief. Also going to Consider citizens advice if this doesn’t help with HR. Just want my MRI results through now!! So frustrating xx