New diagnosis - what do i need to tell work and what do they need to do

Hi, I’ve recently had a lumbar puncture following a brain scan showing lesions

I had what I thought was labrythitis about 7 years ago resulting in being very dizzy for 3 weeks. I also had blurred vision about 5 years ago. More recently I have had a feeling of pressure in my head and I can feel my pulse which is what started this round of investigations. My balance isn’t the best either.I had a spinal MRI followed by a brain MRI, VEP test and now a lumbar puncture. I have also now got numbness in the side of my knee. The consultant has said it is MS but is awaiting the oglio clonal band test results.

I have told work that the consultant has said it is MS and they know I’ve had a lumbar puncture.

What else do i need to do? My symptoms at the moment aren’t affecting my work but do I need to formally tell them and do they need to do anything as I understand that MS is classed as a disability?

Any advise would be really appreciated.

Hi Nic, no you need not tell them if you’re not actually diagnosed. Unless it is quite obvious your symptoms show something is wrong; say walking is bad; fatigue means your falling asleep often. If; as you say it does not affect you; I would not. When and if your diagnosed yes; tell your HR, if you look at Disability discrimination | Equality and Human Rights Commission it will tell you of your responsibilities but more importantly other peoples and your employers reasonable adjustments they must help to make you continue working. I’m not convinced you have MS. Have you ever been tested for sticky-blood or APS This complaint mimics MS symptoms except for perhaps constant migraines; or in your case pressure. Do you have part of your legs or arms that is unusually mottled? Sorry to put a spanner in the works. Good luck George

Thanks George, I have now had it confirmed by the neurologist that it is MS. Thank you for your advices I’ll take a look at the link you sent. I’ll have a conversation with HR in case I need reasonable adjustments.

Thanks again