Job advice and symptoms

Last July I was told I have an 80-90% chance that I have ms, next scan is 17 Feb, my only symptoms was numbness in my feet lower legs, this week my left leg doesn’t want to play nice I have to really concentrate to walk or I sort of trip over as my foot seems to drop and then my toe drags on the floor, now I’ve done well not to let anyone notice yet due to work, I was a bus driver till yesterday due to possible diagnosis I decided that this year I would change jobs, on Monday I start a new job as a software training instructor, now they didn’t ask at interview so I didn’t say. After job offer I have put down that I’m having tests for nerve problem in my feet but not mentioned ms, I have a 6 month probation period. Should I say to them the possibility or wait for a 100% diagnosis

Hi Phil,

You are not obliged to say anything, and unlike being a bus driver, I can’t see it would have any safety implications (I think a wise move stopping that one! I would not like to get on a bus thinking the driver might have numb feet, or their leg not work!)

I think you have been open and up-front in saying that you have been having tests for a “nerve problem” - that is true, and so far, that’s all it is.

You do not have to tell them, even if you get a confirmed diagnosis, although it may be in your interests to do so, as, under the law, you count as “disabled” right from the moment of diagnosis, and so have increased protection - but only if the employer knows. If you don’t tell them, they’re not expected to guess, so don’t have to take any steps to accommodate your illness.

Personally, I think you’ve already been as honest as you need to be (possibly more so), and I would not start presenting them with statistics about how likely it it is this may eventually turn into MS. You don’t want to panic them into finding an excuse to get rid of you before your probationary period is up!

IF you get a confirmed diagnosis, time to think again about the pros and cons of telling them. You don’t have to decide at once - you can take your time to think about it. IF you are beginning to have problems - things they could help with if they knew - it might be wise to tell them.


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