Advice on whether to tell my new employers I have MS

Hi I’d like to ask peoples thoughts on whether I should tell my emploers I have MS. I started a new job 2 weeks ago and my employers never asked about any disability or health isuues. As you can guess I don’t look like I have MS but I feel like I do! They have asked me to fill in a medications form just in case anything happens to me while I’m in the office. I take pregabalin and Copaxone. Should I tell them now, wait until I have finished my 6 month probabtion period or not tell them unless I have a relapse (which I course is not goin gto happen! - power of positive thought and all that)

Hi Nicky

I think while you are fit and well, I would just fill in the medications form as asked and leave it at that. Then when you have finished your 6 month probation period you can review your thoughts of the company and whether you think they will be supportive and decide whether to declare your MS at that point. I think that 2 weeks is a little too soon to ascertain how ‘disabled’ friendly they are and my worry would be that, if you declare it now, they could look for reasons to find fault with you before the probation period is up.

Tracey x

Hiya Nicky

I would probably wait for now and tell them if you feel that your MS is afecting your work, especially if they can offer you things that will help you carry on working.

I didn’t say anything to my old employers until my ON started to affect my work. I was a medical secretary and when I told my boss she arranged for me to have a large monitor to help rather than a small one.

Good luck.

Shazzie xx

I agree totally with Tracy, I think that’s what I would do. I would just fill in the medications form honestly (just in case they do a drugs test) My only slight concern there is that someone will know what you take copaxone for but I would still fill the form in honestly ad correctly. I guess the average person won’t know that copaxone is taken for ms, they will get loads of different medications written on these form and th forms are probably barely looked at, just filed away. Hope your new job goes well. Cheryl:-)

Tell them…The stress of wondering what actions to take, and what they could do,willnot be doing you any good.


Firstly I would check with the Citizens Advice Bureau or some-one similar to see if your company would be able to use it against you in the future - whether mis-representation would factor in. If they could, then tell them now but in a matter-of-fact way, as if it were no big deal. If they can’t then hang fire until you need to, after all, they didn’t ask!

I have always been up front about it when I start a company but I know a girl who didn’t and she was always worried about it, which probably didn’t help her condition. I only knew cause I mentioned mine to her when I needed to visit the doctor and she told me in confidence.

Either way - good luck with the new job and long may the relapses sod off!!


Personally, I think the medication information form is likely to be sent straight to HR Dept confidentially and is not likely to be seen by your line manager or anyone who works in close contact with you, so it is very unlikely that anyone is going to know what your medication is for. The only time the form will be brought to light is if you have a medical emergency and require first aid. Just remember, it is entirely up to you IF and WHEN you disclose that you have an illness.

Tracey x

PS, congrats on the new job and good luck. Stay healthy x

Ah, thank you so much for your thoughts and kind words, they have been a real help and I’m moving in the right direction on this one I re-read my contract and health questionnaire again and it said failure to disclose may result in disciplinary action\ or dismissal. Its only a very small company with 20employees and its very family friendly. There is job sharing and there are part timers employed so I think they will be fair? Because of the non disclosure part I think I should tell them but in a very matter of fact way and explain that I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones who have had the campath treatment! (Holds the condition at bay for the foreseeable future) The question remains do I do it now or after the 6 months? I’d like to wish you all the power of positive thought and echo Jellybelly Kelly’s cry of long may the relapses sod off!!! Thanks

say nothing!

Is it asking about medical conditions or medication. If it asks about medication fill it in honestly. This is in case they drug test you, at least it is at my work. Is it legal to threaten someone with disciplinary action if they don’t declare a medical condition? I can understand making someone declare medication they are on but a medical condition, that raises all sorts of moral and ethical questions. wobblyboy does make a good point about telling them because of the stress to you of worrying about it. If you tell them and they don’t like it, my guess is they will pull any excuse to get rid of you after the six months. On the other hand they may like having an employee with ms and this will work in your favour. No way of knowing, I’m afraid, although they do sound like they are a decent company. If they are asking you to declare a medical condition, I think you have no choice tbh but to do so and now. In that case I would just write it on the form in as few details as possible. I wouldn’t elaborate at all. The less said the better. Cheryl:-)