Potential new job, should I tell them?

Hi Everyone, I have been in the same job now for 8 years. I was dx 6 months after I started this job so have not yet been in a situation of telling a potential employer about my MS. I have RRMS and am pretty good but I do suffer with my eyes a few times a year. I am particilary unhappy in my existing job, change in boss a few years ago and I cant handle her anymore, have to try to find something new. I have an interview next week but I really dont know what to do about telling them or not. I am in Ireland and am not legally obliged to tell them but I feel I would be dishonest if I didnt. At the same time, if I do, with the compeition for jobs at the moment Im sure they would not employe ‘the sick person’. Just wondering has anyone been in this position and/or has anyone got any advice? Thanks

Don’t be in a hurry to disclose your medical health. Why? You will find other colleagues have various complaints too and they will not be in a rush to talk about them.

If they ‘needs to know’, tell them if you think it wise. Otherwise they can whistle for it.

As a rule I have never disclosed over the table and have worked in many places.

I started a new job three months ago, but chose to disclose my dx after they offered me the job. I felt more comfortable with this as they could not have discriminated against me, and after they offered me the position I then said to them I’d gladly accept it but then immediately advised them of my ms and said they could consider the offer again. Not sure what others may think, but it seemed fair to both parties this way. It showed I was clearly capable of the role, but also showed honesty before the contract was signed. They were more than happy to employ me, but I may be lucky!? They have been quite understanding so far… :slight_smile: Good luck

I am in the same situation. I am sitting here waiting for a phone call about a job, complicated by the fact I have worked with these people in a different company. But I will not be telling anyone unless I absolutely have too. I was only diagnosed last September but now know I have probably had ms nearly 20 years and I have functioned pretty well during that time. I don’t feel obligated to tell them, they don’t need to make any special changes to accomodate me. If I have a relapse and they need to make changes then so be it, because they can’t discriminate against you when you apply for the job so there shouldn’t be any issues if they need to help you in the future. That’s my take on the situation anyway. Good luck with the interview.

I wouldn’t tell them. I’m in Ireland too and I know how tough the jobs market is.

I was in my current job when I started having symptoms and when I was diagnosed and they have been great. Unless you genuinely think you are going to be missing a lot of work, then why tell them? You wouldn’t disclose diabetes or epilepsy or an overactive thyroid unless it came to a point where you needed to because you had to take time off.

Personally I’d take the job, get settled in and keep going until such a time as I had a relapse and needed to be off. At that point then I would be completely honest about why I need the time.

I would not tell them until you start the jon (good luck). I wouldn’t keep it secret as you may need help a bit later - like a special chair etc but until you start the company its none of their business.

I would not tell them until you start the jon (good luck). I wouldn’t keep it secret as you may need help a bit later - like a special chair etc but until you start the company its none of their business.

Hi, i recruit for my company a lot, and it’s now illegal for us to ask about someone’s medical history in an interview. This was put in place to stop companies discriminating against people with illness/disability. So if you are not asked you are not obliged to tell, They shouldn’t ask you any way. However. your new employer is allowed to ask you current employer how many days you have had off sick when they apply for references so just b e aware of that. My advice would be, it depends on what type of company you feel your potential employers is. Public sector tend to be more PC and play by the rules, however private sector (especially small companies) tend to be put off. A large Company has to fill a certain number of places with people with disabilities (or at least prove they have considered people with disability/illness) so you may be ok. If it was me, I would wait until after I started the job but it all depends how you personally feel about it, Good luck xxx