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Got myself a job interview for next week, yay, what im wondering however is do i tell them about my ms? to look at me for couple of mins you couldnt tell there is anything wrong, but i am leaning towards explaining my condition to them and putting forward the positives that having my condition has on me being an employee, as opposed to hiding something that will inevitably be brought to the fore.

any input or suggestions welcome, pls x


It’s a case really of how lucky you feel. Yes it is right to tell them but with the number going for interviews nowadays some employers will pick the best for the job; one that may not give them problems in future with being off sick.

So what I suggest is don’t mention it at interview; they are NOT allowed to ask you questions about your health. But if you are offered the job tell them then.

This would ensure they picked you for your ability. Once they offered you the job they would have difficulty; in fact it would be illegal to not give you the job because of your diagnosis. Then telling them would give you the safeguards of the Equalities Act.

Good luck


Hi Chris,

I remember filling in a job application form and it asked if I had a medial condition that would affect my ability to do the job.

Sat for 10 minutes trying to decide what to put. Eventually put no.Have problems walking but doesn’t stop me doing my job.

Was once asked if i had any medical conditions and admitted my MS ( didn’t know they weren’t allowed to ask)

Think George’s advice the best - if you don’t have to say don’t. When you have to tell them be positive. If you haven’t had days off

sick tell them. Often things like MS make you more determined to carry on working.

good luck, Jenny x

If you walk with a stick they’re going to ask you why. I always told them on the application form that 'I have MS but have never been on the sick because of it '. That was true and then they know when they offer you an interview. I’ve only had one problem with an Employer and my condition. I got the job then on my first day found that the office was on the 4th floor and there was no lift, I left the same day. I work from home now and my Employer is very understanding , i know not all Employers are like that but if you can do the job they should give you a chance.

Hi Chris, good luck with your interview, that’s a difficult question, I have so many problems walking I would have to say something and I would just put a positive spin on it, all the things I had done despite ms. I usually think honesty is the best policy but if my problem wasn’t visible I think I’d be inclined to not mention it at the first interview anyway. Notwithstanding discrimination laws, jobs are not in that plentiful supply at the moment and future employers need a reason to rule out candidates, they’ll probably have several suitable candidates and have to rule most out one way or the other and this might just be a reason to rule one out. However, if you think ms might work in your favour then mention in but I’m not sure how, from meeting a prospective employer for the first time you would know if it would be able to work in your favour or not. My husband sometimes interviews people for jobs and he says that because he knows how I manage he would be quite happy with a disabled person or someone with a medical condition as long as they could do the job. But you wouldn’t know if the interviewer wa in a position like this or not, all I’m saying is that a diagnosis of ms (or anything else) need not necessarily put an employer of. Good luck anyway. Cheryl:)

It completely goes against my nature, but I wouldn’t say a thing until after I’d signed the contract.

They are not allowed to ask about medical conditions unless it is essential for the job. You are allowed to not disclose it. You break no laws by keeping it a secret.

If you tell them and there is someone else who is equally able to do the job, they will get it, not you. Cynical? Yes. But almost all employers would find some sort of reason to justify giving the job to someone else, even if that other person wasn’t quite as good as the MSer. Hard fact of life.

I would be a bit nervous about my new boss feeling that I hadn’t been straight with him/her, but they would forget that when they saw how well the job got done!

Whatever you decide, I hope the interview goes really well!

Good luck

Karen x

Thank you for all your replies, im thinking now that i might keep it to myself, im fortunate in that they prob wont be able to notice any difficulties (unless they want to race) such a shame that we have to take these things into consideration, but tis life :frowning:

Good luck with your interview, let us know how you get on, please.

Janet x

I wouldnt tell them until you absolutely have to ie health questionaire once you are offered the job…competition is very tough…and it doesnt matter if you are the best person for the job…you cannot change other peoples perceptions of health/disability…and although not alwys negative I an only speak from experience…If I declared my disability prior to the interview or during aplication…I wont get an interview…and if I was offered one and then disclosed it…they would suddenly change the job descritpton…its not fair…its not legal but it happens…and yet if i dont declare it at al…I get offered an interview…based on my experience and qualifications…so its cruical that you get an interview…they get to meet you and wow them!!

like others say the job market is tough as it is…so be brave and go for it…you dont have to legally declare your MS…and certainly if you get offered the job and acceptit…then you can be open with them.and they in turn should as good emplyers be offering you all the support that you need or ask for…

good luck!

So i decided not to mention my condition at the interview, at no point was it brought up, the interviewer never asked me any questions about disablilty etc and seemed genuinly impressed by me, i should hear shortly if i’ve been offered the position, good good, just a waiting game now :slight_smile:

Well done, I usually think honesty is the best policy but on this occasion I think you did the right thing. Hope you get the job. Cheryl:-)