work and ms

Hi all im still in limbol about my symptoms waiting for another mri and lp was in hosp  in april with susspect tia but doc now thinks ms, i applied for a job few months back working with autistic young adults it's a career ive wanted for yrs , got a phone call today to ask if i was still interested in job if yes the position is mine i'm absolutely over moon with the job but am also scared about what my testsill reveal i really want the job any advice will be gratefully accepted  Jackie


Congratulations happy2

I'm pretty sure that you're not obligated to tell your employer details about your health but if they specifically ask and you opt to say nothing then further down the line it could cause problems if they find out differently.

It's definitely worth checking their contract and terms of employment first.

Have a look at the health @ work website -

Or check out the government website for you and your employers rights - it's under the disabled at work section.

Hope that helps......big congratulations jackeesh thumbsup

Debbie xx


Hi Jackie,


Go for it my luv; my philosophy for life is ‘Don’t worry about doing something; only worry about not doing it as the chance may only happen once.’


You’re not diagnosed so there’s nothing you can tell them.  I presume your symptoms are not noticeable e.g. walk with a limp or something.


Anyway at interview they are not allowed to ask you any questions about your health.


Once they have formally given you the job it would be impossible to take the offer away as this would be discrimination; illegal.


Go for t!



I agree! go for it! Who knows what the future holds for anyone - ill health or not xxx good luck!!thumbsup

Definitely go for it - you'll kick yourself if you turn the job down!

Debbie xx

Hi Jackie

Well done you!! Congratulations on the new job!! Defo go for it else you will always wonder about it.

Paula xx

Hi all thankyou for all your comments i'm definatly going to do it car'nt wait to start at last something to look forward to you are all so kind and i must say since ive been poorly this site has kept me sane with wondering what happens nxt you are all so positive and even if i don't have ms i will definatly still come on the site to see how you are all doing , thanks again for yopur kind comments XXX



....let us know how you get on Jackie happy2

Debbie xx