Starting to crack!

Hi all hope you are well,

A few of you know my story so far, in brief numb face last August, neck and shoulder pain ongoing, shakey

right arm, TN on and off, lack of sleep, on and off diahorrea and sickness to list a few. Was signed off 23rd

january then started a phased return in May when Dad rudely had his heart attack leading to a triple bypass.

My CNS threw a wobbler and i was signed off again. 2 new white spots on scan in August since March and

now awaiting to see the MS Specialist at the QE on 16th Oct. Have been very tired for ages now plus the

pain for which i do have meds but they knock me out.

My current position is signed off until the 26th Oct but i really wonder if work will wait until i find out what

is going on with me before they decide to get rid. I have worked there for 20yrs and really want to return

when all this mess is sorted out. I’m tired, bored and in pain most day’s and i still have 2 weeks 6 day’s

to wait. Sorry to moan but i feel like i’m losing the plot with worrying about my job but feeling i couldn’t

go back just yet. Any advise?

Sonia x

The best advice I can offer is to stop worrying about it. That might feel a bit ostrich-like, but worry is not going to be doing your health any favours whatsoever. And you are neither going to suddenly get better nor be able to change what happens - so it’s pointless worry. Deal with it IF and when it happens. Of course it wouldn’t hurt to gen up on The Equality Act (people with MS are automatically covered) or to speak to someone in the CAB about your rights. It also wouldn’t hurt to check your contract and your employer’s guidelines, etc. It really isn’t that easy to legally fire someone who has worked for you for 20 years and who has, through no fault of their own, become disabled. So be prepared, but let the worry go. Karen x

Thanks Rizzo, i know worry can make things worse but all i hear is people saying you look well. I worry that

if i lose my job i wouldn’t get any benefits because they can’t see the symptoms. Also if i was to be put

forward for other jobs then my sick record would go against me and ill be forever stuck at home.

Arrgghhh i hate the uncertainty of all this atm.

Sonia x

Hi Sonia,

You can hurry things along by going private; then you can be seen next week. This initial appointment will cost about £200 but all further appointments; tests; drugs or hospitalisation make sure is on the NHS.

You do not need a referral and it is legal since the Law Lords made a ruling about 5 years ago.

You can opt to see the same MS Specialist but as there is only a few weeks to wait it may not be worth it. It’s not right but unbelievable you give them money you; with most not all; seem to get more empathy; explanation and time.

How inconsiderate it was for your father to have a heart attack; hope he is well on the mend. Please don’t worry about your job; 20 years must give you many markers; there are many hoops your employers must jump through before getting rid of you.

Here is the Equalities Act Rizzo mentions and a synopsis; Also get ‘Access to Work’ involved next time you go back; plenty of help available;

Good luck but you will be fine; just keep in mind MS is not a stop sign; its traffic humps.