Hey everybody xx

I need some advice please, I’ve been selected for an interview next week :slight_smile: excited is an understatement! It’s for a job I’ve been wanting to do forever! The thing is shall I tell them about my ms? I’ve been doing really well for the last three years and don’t want to ruin my chances but am so worried that they might find out or I’ll have a relapse :frowning:

what do you think I should do?

Thanks loads xxxx

The quick answer has to be NO.

The long answer is:
Not unless they ask. OK, so you have (presumably) RRMS and are in remission.
Unless it is a driving job, and you have a 3-year licence, why bring it up at interview?

The time to tell them is after you have got the job. Then you should disclose it.
If you happen to have obtained a GP letter that says that your MS should not prevent you from doing the job … Then that is you covered.


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I would not mention it and see if you get the job , if you have too fill a medical form in I would put that on there as I suppose if you didn’t and got the job then went off sick they could say you didn’t declare it on your medical form.

Good luck with the interview .


In a job interview, it is usually wise to only volunteer information that will encourage them to choose you.

I think this generally holds true, although it goes against the grain for those of us who would prefer to put our cards on the table without being asked to - and they won’t ask (or at least they certainly shouldn’t!)

If they make you and offer subject to medical clearance and then you have to fill in a medical questionnaire, then you tell them by that route, but they won’t be able to withdraw the offer unless you are applying for something that your medical status would prevent you doing safely.

Good luck with the interview.


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Thanks Geoff, yes I am rrms. The form asks ‘Are there any medical problems that could affect your ability to do this job?’ I’m in such a muddle whether to tick yes or no. I want to tick no as I feel good but the feel I should tick yes as it is in black and white that I have ms. The job would involve me being up on my feet, it’s only part time and I know I can do it. It’s so frustrating :frowning:

Thanks all xx am sat staring at the form… Damn ms :frowning:

There’s some good factual stuff about your and your prospective employer’s obligations in the ‘Looking for Work’ on the main part of this MS Society website (see ‘Support’ tab above).

Hi, generally speaking you can’t be discriminated due to having a disability. I went to an interview recently and I was asked if I had any disability that they needed to be taken into account of, jus incase they needed to make any adjustments, I didn’t tick the box and went for the interview. I don’t do stairs and it was obvious that I struggled to get up them. I laughed it off, probably not a good idea. However, as it turned out I didn’t want the job, so I was glad that I hadn’t highlighted my disability. If you decide to disclose you could add that you have ms but that you are in remission. I would like to think that if you were the best person for the job you would get it.

On a personal note, I had to reapply for my current job 3 years ago and my current employers knew my health problems and I was successful. Ps, I had lots of time off prior to my appointment.

LouLou x

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So the real problem is how to answer the question:
'Are there any medical problems that could affect your ability to do this job?

How about an answer that goes:
NO (I do have MS, but this is in remission).

That is an honest answer, which includes full disclosure. You have tried to hide nothing. Without knowing full details of what the job entails, it is doubtful if a neurologist would be capable of a more accurate answer.

Go for it.



Hey all xxx

Just wanted to let you know that I got the job! I was honest about my health and they were very supportive :slight_smile: Am over the moon, it’s a change in career, something I thought I’d never have the chance to do at the age of 42 with ms :slight_smile:

Thankyou soooo much for you comments,

much love xx



excellent news on the job and good luck with the change in career. It’s great to hear employers (or prospective employers) being supportive, as opposed to being discriminatory. When do you start?


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Great news, enjoy your new job.

Jen x

:slight_smile: Thanks Derek, I may start as early as next week! They were great, very welcoming :slight_smile: can’t believe it, just got new job nerves to deal with now :-)))))))))

fantastic to know that they are employees out there that do not discriminate :slight_smile:

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Awwwww cheers Jen :slight_smile: xx

That is Brilliant.

I hope you have a great time in your new job and I reckon your employer will be delighted too.

Nice one. Mick

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It’s great that you’ve been given the chance to have “new job” nerves. And well done on trying a career change at 42. Too often we get stuck in the “I can’t” mode.



Oh, well done!

What lovely news.


Grrr-eat news!

All it takes to change jobs is the will to do it (and the chance to do it).

At 48 I was a salesman, at 49 a spare parts storeman, at 50 I was an undergraduate - never looked back.
A friend who took early retirement as a carpenter (serious fall at work, spinal damage, another progressive neurological condition) has just got his OU degree and been offered a job mentoring students.

Enjoy the change …



Cheers Geoff,

It is an opportunity I thought I would never have, felt like I was on the scrap heap! Am looking forward to the challenge!

Cheers all xx

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