Potential employers and ms

Hi everyone

I need some advice concerning potential employers and disclosing your ms. I have an interview this week, I really would like the job however I will need to let them know about my ms at some point, I am currently on monthly Tysabri infusions so I would need the afternoon off for that as well as a morning the week before for my bloods. I have racked my brains trying to think of a reason why I would need the time off but so far, I’m stumped. My current employer knows about my ms, I didn’t tell them instantly, at the time I wasn’t on any treatment. My ms has had not impact on my work therefore I am not eager to make a big deal of it as it could spook a potential employer so I would not mention my ms at the interview but when is the time to bring it up…?

So any advice or experiences would be gratefully appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Jennifer xx

Thanks Pat, these were my thoughts exactly. It’s reception work so more than likely, my shifts can be altered to accommodate hospital appointments etc. I don’t like being dishonest, I would rather tell them at the interview but that’s definately a no no, they can’t hold it aginst me but how would I know that if I didn’t get the job.

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Jennifer :slight_smile:

Don’t ever bring it up in an interview in my experience - I’ve had red faces, awkward silences and squirming in seats…and never got any of those jobs surprise surprise despite the interviews going really we before then. You are under absolutely no obligation to declare it at all - unless it gets to the point where you’d be lying about it (like on a health questionnaire) I think in this case you do need to have the discussion as you want flexible working and time off but wait until you have a firm offer. Good luck!

Hello Jeanit91,

I agree completely with Treacle Tart, above. Basically disclose nothing until you have signed the offer and posted it back. Remember, they want you, a lucky coincidence that you really want the job and interviewed well.

Once you start explain your problems to HR and seek a work around.


Thank you Patrick for your advice, it really helps to know there are supportive people out there! I got called today to go back for a second interview with the HR manager as per company policy, I won’t bring it my MS up, like everyone says, I’ll cross that bridge if I am offered the job :slight_smile:

Jennifer xxx